A man who was run over by a city maintenance truck on the beach in February of this year is suing the City of Long Beach and the driver.

Jonathan Soto, who was napping on the beach near the 5400 block of Ocean Boulevard on the morning of February 4, 2014, filed a negligence suit seeking unspecified damages Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court against the City of Long Beach and driver Stanley Willie Delaney, who was picking up trash for the city Department of Parks, Recreation & Marine.

According to the complaint, while Soto was napping on the beach that morning, he was struck by a 2006 Dodge Ram pickup truck occupied by Delaney and a passenger.

As a result of the incident, Soto suffered a broken pelvis and other injuries, according to the suit.

“(Soto) was asleep and did not hear Delaney approach in the …vehicle,” the suit states. “Delaney failed to see plaintiff napping on the beach despite plaintiff being within Delaney’s clear and unobstructed line of vision.”

The lawsuit also states that Delaney was traveling at an unsafe speed and was distracted by his passenger.

Since the city had not been served yet and the complaint was just filed yesterday, a comment from the city is not available at this time, a spokeswoman for the City Attorney’s office said.

Additional reporting by City News Service