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It was announced today that Long Beach Airport (LGB) Director Mario Rodriguez has announced his resignation in order to take up a post in Indiana as Executive Director of the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

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Having served LGB since 2009, Rodriguez’s tenure has brought about some of the most significant and important changes the municipal airport has seen in decades. Whether it is the restoration of the vast amount of historic floor mosaics throughout its old-school terminal or overseeing the massive development of the new concourse, Rodriguez has left an indelible mark on the airport.

“Managing the Long Beach Airport and being a part of the Long Beach team has been an incredible experience, one that I will forever treasure.” Rodriguez said in a statement. “I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the airport staff, the wonderful partnerships with the airport stakeholders, and the amazing Long Beach community who embraced me and helped create the success we enjoy at the Airport. I am looking forward to this next challenge in my career and wish Long Beach the very best.”

Previously, Rodriguez ventured to Long Beach after serving as Deputy Director at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, where he served during the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe. The airport became a key cog in providing assistance and relief, with the tarmac acting as a giant living and medical space.

Rodriguez’s last day at LGB will be May 23. The City will soon conduct a nationwide search for a successor while, after Rodriguez’s formal departure, the City Manager’s Interim Director will serve LGB.

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