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Photo courtesy of Lisa Beth Anderson.

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UPDATE 3/19/14 2:27pm | A candlelight vigil in honor of Markus Manley has been planned for tonight at 6:30pm at 643 Pine Avenue, an outdoor event space between 6th & 7th streets.

ORIGINAL | The creative and downtown Long Beach communities mourn the loss of WE Labs co-founder and innovator Markus Manley, who passed away late last night at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

According to a Tuesday post on Facebook at 5:45PM from his sister Takeisha Reed, Markus was in surgery due to complications associated with esophageal varices, suffering from internal bleeding.

As of 6:20PM yesterday, his condition was considered critical but stable. However, at 10:45AM this morning, his mother and sister updated his personal Facebook page stating that he had passed late in the night.

The family has stated that they are taking time to process the loss and will be announcing any future plans in the coming hours.

Markus was 39 years old.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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