A screenshot from a video that appears to show a student attacking a teacher at Millikan High School.

Long Beach Unified School District officials say they’re investigating an incident at Millikan High School Wednesday that was captured on video.

Though LBUSD officials didn’t specify what the incident was in an email to parents, a video reviewed by the Long Beach Post on Thursday shows what appears to be a student attacking a teacher in a classroom filled with other students.

It’s unclear what sparked the attack. The video starts off with someone recording as a student confronts a man who appears to be the teacher at the front of the classroom.

The student starts to growl before grappling with the teacher and taking him to the ground.

“Holy sh–,” the person recording says. “Get him off!”

The video then shows a small group of people trying to get the student off the teacher. Meanwhile, the student continues to attack and yell, “What’s up, what’s up?”

Eventually, the student is separated from the teacher, and the video cuts off.

The Long Beach Post is not publishing the video to avoid identifying minors who intervened in the attack.

LBUSD officials did not immediately respond to questions sent Thursday morning but provided a statement Principal Alejandro Vega sent to parents.

In it, he thanked the students who intervened.

“Please know, we are in close communication with the staff member involved and our entire staff to ensure everyone feels supported,” he wrote.

“While student and staff matters are confidential, Long Beach Unified takes all safety concerns seriously and emphasizes our commitment to fostering a safe, secure, and nurturing learning environment for all.”