The Los Alamitos Traffic Circle is about to get a little less wild: it’s getting painted stripes and overhead guide signs.

The circle, which connects Pacific Coast Highway, Lakewood Boulevard and Los Coyotes Diagonal, will also be repaved and get new curbs and storm basins, according to Marc Bischoff, a spokesman for CalTrans. The circle falls under CalTrans right-of-way because PCH runs through it.

“This is a roundabout that’s been identified as a high accident concentration location,” Bischoff said. He didn’t have data on how many crashes happen in the circle immediately available.

The signage and striping changes are intended to reduce crashes caused by drivers entering and exiting the circle.

The construction should be completed within 90 days, according to Bischoff. Workers will begin placing k-rails to block off the first part they will work on next week. The circle will never be fully closed down and will always have at least one lane of traffic open at all times, he said.

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