A man that witnesses say was stabbed Wednesday afternoon during a fight aboard the Metro A Line has died, according to police.

The fight started around 3:30 to 3:45 p.m. while the train was near Fifth Street, according to Joveon Richardson, who was aboard the A Line and witnessed the crime.

The man and a group of three to five other people aboard the train got into an argument, which later turned into multiple fights, Richardson said.

When the man managed to fight off the group, the group members pulled out knives and stabbed the man at least seven times, Richardson said.

“Seven times they stabbed him, and seven times I told them to stop,” he said.

Florence Austin, 70, said she was waiting for the Metro A Line when she saw at least three people fleeing as soon as the train opened its door.

That’s when she heard Richardson screaming for somebody to call the police, Austin said.

As she got closer to the train car, she saw the man laying on the ground, bleeding out.

At the A Line platform, paramedics performed CPR on the man before putting him on a gurney and transporting him to a local hospital, where police say he died from his injuries.

The Long Beach Police Department did not provide further details on the investigation.

Metro tweeted that A Line riders can expect up to a 15-minute delay due to police activity.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect that the man died, according to police.

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