Cesar McDowell speaks with a client at Unite the People Inc., offices.

This week on the Word on Long Beach we take a closer look at how the nonprofit organization Unite the People Inc. began.

:51 – Cesar McDowell spent 20 years in prison for a non-violent offense based on California’s “three strikes law,” which increased prison sentences for those with previous felony convictions. From his prison cell, he started Unite the People Inc., to help people who were in his situation and do not have the means to retain a competent attorney.

If you would like to know more or get involved with Unite the People Inc., you can visit their office at 555 E. Ocean Blvd., suite 205. You can call them at 888-245-9393 or, you donate or learn more via their website here.

15:58 – Mohammed Aly is general counsel with Unite the People Inc., who formerly worked with the Orange County Poverty Alleviation Coalition. He says he began working with Unite the People because of his desire to help people. He gives us insight on what needs to be done to achieve true reform.