A 30-year-old Long Beach man has been arrested after police say he was responsible for two battery incidents that took place two days in a row at the same home in Southeast Long Beach.

Last night, officers responded to the 4200 block of East Fourth Street around 8:18 p.m. regarding a battery and arrested 30-year-old Long Beach resident Glenn McGuire.

McGuire, police said, was also responsible for a battery the previous night that left one woman with injuries.

On Sunday, May 21, Long Beach police officers responded to the 4200 block of East Fourth Street around 7:32 p.m., and found a woman with non-life-threatening injuries to her upper body. Police found that her son, McGuire, had choked her and struck her multiple times.

When officers arrived, McGuire barricaded himself inside of his home alone and police tried to de-escalate the situation by talking to him but he refused to come out. Police remained at the scene for approximately three hours, until 10:28 p.m. Sunday evening, and McGuire stayed in the home.

While he refused to come out, detectives continued investigating the incident to determine if they would make an arrest, according to Long Beach Police Department spokesperson Allison Gallagher. He was arrested the following day after the second reported battery incident.

Officers have ensured that the woman has a safe place to stay, police said.

McGuire was booked on one count of misdemeanor battery, one count of misdemeanor destroying a communication device, one count of felony threatening crime with intent to terrorize and an outstanding warrant. His bail was set at $500,000 and the investigation is ongoing.