Authorities say they are looking into death threats received by the Long Beach State men’s basketball team following a 72-71 loss March 12 to Fullerton State in the Big West Tournament championship.

Shortly after the game, the university’s Facebook basketball page began to receive expletive-filled messages from an Indiana man threatening to poison the players and hurt a member of a coach’s family, according to a search warrant filed in Long Beach Superior Court.

The man appears to have directed most of the threats to senior point guard Colin Slater, who was the second-leading scorer for LBSU the night of the championship with 23 points. The messages toward Slater include the man holding a pocketknife and threatening the player with death “by a bullet,” along with a slew of other racist and derogatory comments, the warrant shows. 

Fullerton’s team and staff also received similar messages from the same individual, including threats to slit the throats of the kids of whomever ran their Facebook page, according to the search warrant.

At least one victim will be pursuing charges related to the criminal threat after fearing for their lives, according to the warrant. Police at the local university say they are working with the DA’s office in the suspect’s home state, and they intend to file two felony counts of intimidation with a deadly weapon.

The motive for the threat remains unclear.