Crime scene tape in front of a Long Beach police SUV with its siren on and two police officers stand nearby.
Officers cordon off a stretch of Atlantic Avenue after a police shooting in Long Beach on March 5, 2023. Photo by Fernando Haro Garcia.

A man who was shot by police as he was stabbing someone apparently chased down his victim even as officers arrived at the scene and allegedly ordered him to stop, according to newly released video footage of the incident.

In accordance with state law, the Long Beach Police Department released several minutes of video footage from two police officers’ body-worn cameras, as well as excerpts of a 911 call prior to officers being dispatched and security footage from the area where it occurred.

Officers responded on the evening of March 5 to the scene of a knife attack in a parking lot on Atlantic Avenue near 52nd Street.

There, officers witnessed a man, later identified as 21-year-old Arthur Bustos, stabbing another man multiple times, leaving him with critical injuries.

In the video released Friday by the LBPD, witnesses call officers to the scene after seeing two men fighting in the area.

Low-quality security footage shows two shadowy figures, whom police say are Bustos and the other man, caught in a struggle, eventually ending up on the ground.

Another angle shows the two on the ground before the man gets up and runs away from Bustos just as the police arrive.

Meanwhile, Bustos seems to ignore that police have arrived and continues to chase down the man, apparently stabbing him from behind before once again taking him to the ground.

At that point, an LBPD officer, with his weapon drawn, approaches the two men on the ground.

Several seconds pass by before the officer then shoots at Bustos, who had allegedly kept stabbing the the victim.

According to the LBPD, witnesses at the scene said they heard the officer tell Bustos to stop several times before ultimately firing his weapon “in protection of the victim’s life.”

Although the officer’s body camera wasn’t turned on prior to the shooting, the camera was activated afterward and captured the officer telling Bustos to drop the knife, to which he responds: “No.”

Body-worn camera footage from a second officer at the scene shows them hatching out a plan to disarm Bustos and take him into custody to treat his wounds.

“We’re going to approach… as soon as you grab that knife, f—ing kick it away, and we’re gonna put him in custody,” an officer can be heard saying.

Both the suspect and the victim were transported in critical but stable condition following the incident. It’s unclear if either of them has since been discharged. At the scene, police located the knife used in the stabbing.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office will conduct its own investigation of the incident, as is typically done with police shootings. The LBPD said it will also be conducting its own investigation.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to clarify the officer’s and attacker’s alleged actions leading up to the shooting.

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