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The primary election last April saw three definitive winners elected to the Long Beach City Council: Suzie Price for the 3rd, Roberto Uranga for the 7th, and Rex Richardson for the 9th. Yesterday’s run-offs welcomed two more additions through the wins of Lena Gonzalez for the 1st and Stacy Mungo for the 5th, bringing forth a council whose majority consists of new faces.

Vying against Gonzalez for the 1st—Vice Mayor Robert Garcia’s district, which he will be leaving after scoring the mayoral seat—was pastor and teacher Misi Tagaloa. Gonzalez overtook Tagaloa with 60.4% of the vote (or 1,375 votes); Tagaloa received 903 votes.

The 5th District seat, held by former councilmember and mayoral candidate Gerrie Schipske, will be filled by Stacy Mungo, who received 5,457 votes (54.6%). Her opponent, small business owner Carl Kemp, received 4,535 votes (45.4%).

Charles Parkin, meanwhile, will maintain his presence in the City of Long Beach after clearly winning his fight for the City Attorney seat: with 61.8% of the vote (26,804 votes), he shut out current 7th District Councilmember James Johnson, who received 38.2% or 16,581 votes.