Project X LB is a nonprofit that believes “true progress can only be achieved when everyone has an equal chance to grow, learn, and contribute to society.”

And on Friday, the organization put that mission to work with its third “Loads of Love” event, which gave anyone in the community the opportunity to do laundry for free.

The idea for the event came after Project X LB founder Marcus Hobbs had volunteered at another free laundry event, where he said he realized there was a greater need to provide free laundry services to the community on a regular basis.

Although the event is open to anyone in the community, Hobbs said he personally understands what a free laundry day means for young students. “You have students who couch surf. You have students who sleep in their cars,” says Hobbs.

He went on to say, “What I want to do is provide the resources that students need to make sure that they can achieve their highest potential at school.”

In that effort, Hobbs partnered with the nonprofit organization Circle of Women, which is a “Cal Fresh” provider. Cal Fresh is a state-run program that provides pre-paid debit cards that can be used to purchase food.

Courtney Scott, a member of Circle of Women, says it is important that Cal Fresh is present at events like this to dispel any shame people may have when it comes to asking for help.

Zulama Vazquez, a Long Beach City College student who attended the event, says Loads of Love is something she will always take advantage of to save money. She also believes that increased outreach is needed to benefit those in need.

To find out when the next Loads of Love event will take place, you can visit Project X LB online or follow them on Instagram.

To apply for food assistance, visit Cal Fresh online.