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Food insecurity is a prevalent issue in California, where one in five people struggle to keep themselves and their families fed.

Inflation and the aftermath of the pandemic have also contributed to this problem, and workers from all manner of industries, from hotel staff to screenwriters, have demanded higher wages to keep up with a rising cost of living over the past year.

Those factors mean many people may, for the first time, be using CalFresh benefits, formerly known as food stamps, which are distributed through EBT. They can be a lifeline for low-income households, college students and people experiencing homelessness. (Check your eligibility here.)

In Long Beach, workers at the Multi-Service Center and Mobile Access Center can help those in need sign up for CalFresh benefits. (Find its schedule here.)

Thanks to the CalFresh Restaurant Meals program, EBT card holders in California can now get access to hot meals. In Long Beach, there are many major fast food chains that participate in the program: Subway, Pizza Hut, Wingstop, El Pollo Loco, Wendy’s, Jack in the Box, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, McDonalds, Wienerschnitzel and Papa John’s.

But there are also some smaller chains and mom-and-pop restaurants that participate. Here’s a complete list of Long Beach restaurants that take EBT funds, complied by the Los Angeles Department of Public Services:

  1. Tam’s Burger – 1158 E. Anaheim St. and 5353 Atlantic Ave.
  2. Pho 881 – 2612 E. Anaheim St. 
  3. Arnold’s Burgers – 6191 Atlantic Ave. 
  4. Boy’s Hamburgers – 5815 Downey Ave. 
  5. Dominguez Pizza – 6176 Atlantic Ave. and 2713 E. Carson St.
  6. Ernestine’s Family Fish Market – 3775 S. Western Ave. 
  7. J. Looney’s – 5204 Orange Ave.
  8. Louisiana’s Famous Fried Chicken – 6090 Long Beach Blvd. 
  9. Onell’s Comfort Kitchen – 2295 Long Beach Blvd. 
  10. Twins Smokehouse BBQ – 1555 W. Willow St.
  11. Everytable – 421 W. Broadway Blvd. and 1001 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. 
  12. China Beauty Food Express – 6588 Atlantic Ave.
  13. Rally’s – 3490 E. Artesia Blvd.
  14. Yoshinoya – 590 E. Willow St. 
  15. Mr. Pete’s Burgers – 4100 Orange Ave. 
  16. Casa Sanchez – 5929 Cherry Ave.
  17. Louis Place Burgers – 5990 Atlantic Ave. 
  18. Fishbone – 321 E. Willow St.
  19. Louisiana Best Seafood – 2400 Atlantic Ave.
  20. Wrigley BBQ and Grill – 2336 Pacific Ave.
  21. Don’s Fish and Chicken – 6178 Long Beach Blvd.
  22. Fantasy Burgers – 1320 E. South St. 
  23. La Pizza Loca – 2001 South St.

Editor’s note: One location was removed from this list because it closed or moved after the list was compiled.