Marissa Lujan opened her custom balloon store, Dainty Disco, on Monday to celebrate the kickoff of Shop Long Beach, a citywide initiative that includes an app to offer customers rewards and help support local small businesses.

Through the app, Lujan says she’s gained new customers and expanded her business reach.

“I’m excited to be a part of Shop Long Beach because it is a program designed to promote and increase my sales,” she said.

The app, called Localight, can be downloaded here. It shows what points and discounts customers will receive at specific businesses by using the app.

The Shop Long Beach initiative is meant to help businesses like Lujan’s. At 5659 Atlantic Ave., her shop offers balloons for various occasions and specialty items crafted by local artists to enhance the uniqueness of any event.

By bolstering small businesses like Dainty Disco with a rewards program to build dedicated customers, the program is meant to fortify the local economy.

The technology is also meant to make local businesses easier for consumers to find.

Emily Kazim, executive director for the Long Beach Center for Economic Inclusion, says the app allows consumers to peruse local businesses and accumulate points with each purchase.

Mayor Rex Richardson urged everyone to download the app, emphasizing its user-friendly nature.

“It is pretty easy to use. You just download it, right at the top, it says Long Beach, and you click it. And it shows you all the businesses that are registered,” he said.

For further information, visit the Long Beach Center for Economic Inclusion here.