If a tree falls near Signal Hill City Hall and no one is around to hear it, will it make a noise? While that question may never get an answer, Signal Hill officials are conducting an investigation into why a large tree fell over outside city hall on Veterans Day.

The tree caused no damage to city hall and no injuries were reported.

Cristina Bond, the city’s communication specialist, said the origin of the massive 65- to 75-foot tall tree is unknown, however, there is speculation it was planted when city hall was dedicated in 1934.

“While we won’t know the exact age of the tree for a while, its sheer size and root system indicates that it is old, and may have been planted at the same time as city hall was built,” Bond wrote in an email to the Post. “This is just speculation from some of the people who were out on scene—we don’t have any actual proof.”

The city contracted with an arborist to investigate why the tree fell. The results may not be known until next week.