Katherine Legge is a seasoned racing veteran, having begun racing go-karts at the age of 9 in England. She went on to compete in various races throughout Britain but did not participate in a full season until she came to the United States in 2005. Her first race in the States was the Long Beach Grand Prix, which was also her first victory.

Sheena Monk is a true newcomer to the sport, having just begun her racing career in 2017. The following year, Monk sat in her Wayne Taylor Racing Lamborghini, ready to start the 2018 Lamborghini Super Trofeo North American race with Legge as her driving coach.

While the two drivers continued their careers separately after 2018, a random phone call led to the two women joining forces as the Gradient Racing team. Their third race together will be the 2023 Long Beach Grand Prix.

On this episode of “The Word” podcast, Legge and Monk say they are not only hoping to win in Long Beach, but they also hope their partnership will serve as an example of how women can and should support each other, even when competing in the same sport.

To learn more about the Gradient Racing team, you can visit their website here.

For a schedule of events, races, and tickets, visit the Long Beach Grand Prix website here. Race weekend is April 14-16.