True, False or Misleading: Navigating Fake News from Long Beach

President-elect Donald Trump’s presumptive electoral victory has led many individuals and organizations, including media outlets, to speculate whether the proliferation of fake news shared online during the campaign season made an impact on voters’ decisions. In light of this ongoing issue, the Long Beach Post evaluated recent reports, providing helpful tips to avoid fake news.

A Conversation at Long Beach Trump Headquarters

The Donald Trump headquarters in Long Beach, the second-most diverse city in the U.S., declares its existence with two signs in two glass doors on an unassuming block in Cambodia Town, emblazoned with the phrase “Make America Great Again.” A bold statement on paper, unseen in the dark of the night.

Build-Your-Own Long Beach Voter Guide

There are 17 state-wide propositions and five local measures Long Beach residents will have the opportunity to vote for on Tuesday, November 8. Save yourself some time at the polls and use this handy tool to create your own personalized voter guide.