California revenues soar as rich get richer during pandemic

As of January, the state’s tax collections were $10.5 billion ahead of projections. It’s so much money that, for just the second time ever, the state is projected to trigger a state law requiring the government to send refunds to taxpayers.

Legislators Reach Budget Deal; Long Beach Leaders React

Legislative leaders reached a budget deal today for $117.5 billion, including $40 million to cover the healthcare of immigrant children throughout California through Medi-Cal in 2016 and additional funding for day cares and state schools, including California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).

INFOGRAPHIC: Breaking Down How California Plans on Spending Cap & Trade Funds

In the midst of California’s state budget negotiations, the legislature must separately decide how to spend the state’s cap-and-trade revenue, be it on public transit, high-speed rail, affordable housing near transit, or other emissions-reducing programs. Long Beach’s City Fabrick has created an infographic that breaks down precisely how the Governor, Senate, and Assembly plan on spending the funds.