Quarantine Chronicles Day 6: It’s peanut butter and jelly chicken wings night!

There’s a whole orchestra of other lessons on YouTube, including how to play the cornet, but hopefully there will be a cure or vaccine for coronavirus before you master the horn. In fact, I’d recommend giving up now. You might want to instead spend a bit of time mastering the ukulele, an instrument that’s generally inexpensive and just a little more difficult to play than a kazoo.

Quarantine Chronicles: Day 1 and I’m already out of fireplace logs

Even in pandemics I’m privileged. I’m still being paid (I think/hope), I don’t own a business that will be, at best, imperiled by this pandemic and I don’t have the coronavirus—or at least I don’t feel sick, although I tend to develop whatever symptoms are in the news about any sort of illness and am therefore a good candidate to become the first person to develop hysterical coronavirus.