Teen Loses Portions of Right Hand in Fireworks Accident; Four Fires Linked to Illegal Fireworks Erupt in Long Beach • Long Beach Post


A 17-year-old boy severely mangled his right hand in a fireworks accident Monday, and over 500 pounds of illegal fireworks were seized according to the Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD).

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According to a release issued by the LBFD, when firefighters responded at 10:00PM Monday, the teen was missing portions of his right hand after a firework exploded in his hand at 17th Street and Lemon Avenue. The teen was immediately transported to the hospital and is in stable condition.

In addition to the fireworks-related incident, the LBFD Arson Investigation Unit seized over 500 pounds of illegal fireworks from July 1 through July 4, as well as issuing a misdemeanor citation for possession of illegal fireworks. According to the LBFD, the offender faces a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and/or six months in jail.

A total of four significant fire structures affected hit the city on Independence Day, with three involving garages and vehicles, and the other being a vegetation and tree fire. All fires are still under investigation, according to the LBFD.

Property loss is estimated to be about $400,000, with one minor civilian injury resulting from one of the structure fires.

The location of the fires and the type of flames were as follows:

  • 1400 Block of Gardenia Avenue (vegetation/tree fire)
  • 400 Block of East Louise Street (garage fire/1 patient transported with minor injury)
  • 4600 Block of East 14th Street (trash fire/garage fire)
  • 2800 Block of East 63rd Street (garage/2 sheds/parked vehicle/RV)

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