12:45pm | The Long Beach Post is proud to present its inaugural Best of Long Beach list, a series that will exemplify what all of you, our readers, find to be the unrivaled and unparalleled places, spaces, eats, beats, and everything in between that makes your home stand out for you. Starting tomorrow and over the course of this week, we will post a series of ten questions in three categories. You can then comment and proffer your opinion on one or all ten questions.

Tomorrow, we humbly solicit you to speak up on the best that Long Beach has to offer for the gastronome foodie and cocktail connoisseur in us all.  Whether it’s the perfect burger, the most sapid glass of wine, or the dish you wish to clog an artery with every day if you could, we want you to recognize those that excel in their craft of food and service — and perhaps shed light on some grub and libations that many may not know about.

Thursday will highlight our Arts, Culture, & Entertainment list, marking the most excellent and offbeat contributions Long Beach has to offer for those whose minds are cultivated and aesthetically driven. Everyone wants to know a place to take a first date that makes them look more cultured than they really are. Even better, we all want to know the best band to go see after that first date to amplify the night’s melody — and we know you have the perfect suggestions in mind.

Friday will host our final category, that of Attractions & Destinations. Despite whether you’re digging into your change jar or have a wallet that is always open for business, we encourage you to present your opinion on everything from the best barbers this side of the razor (when one is dying to look dapper) to the best pot clinic (when one is clearly clinging to the couch for the day). In short: we want you to expose the best shoppin’ and servicin’ the LBC serves up.

The top choices will be selected before our March print edition hits the streets, where winners will be plastered on our cover story for the world of Long Beach to see. 

The Long Beach Post extends ahead of time our deep gratitude for your participation and we are thrilled to see what you have to say starting tomorrow.