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As Goli and I took our evening walk to Cesar Chavez Park, I found myself in the middle of a childhood experience.  The Cesar Chavez Halloween Carnival!  The park had activities, jumpers, arts and crafts.  Families were arriving in car loads to participate in activities and carnival booths. As I talked with Ashleigh Griset, Community Recreation Programs Supervisor I learned that every regional park has a Halloween Carnival for Long Beach residents and that Cesar Chavez is celebrating their third annual carnival.

There were over 200 residents at Cesar Chavez Park participating and enjoying the activities the Parks, Recreation & Marine staff prepared for them.  I made my way to the arts and crafts section and I ran into a ladybug and a skeleton! Their childhood spirit reminded me of when I was growing up and the many Halloweens I spent “trick or treating” from door to door.

Carnivals would have been fun!  I don’t remember having them or perhaps my parents didn’t know where they were.  Instead, I remember loading into my mom’s car with my sister and with as many cousins that fit into the Chevy station wagon.  We were then taken to the most affluent neighborhood for some “trick or treating” and Halloween candy.  I’m sure some of our readers out there know what I’m referring to, or perhaps they experienced unloading the mini-van in their block, or perhaps you were the one unloading the kids!  Good Times!!!

Tonight, some children in my block walked the streets and made their way to the carnival with their family for candy, activities, arts, crafts and games.  A very special thank you to the Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine staff for planning this carnival in our community and to that beautiful lady bug and skeleton.

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