We need a break from heavy topics, so why not talk about whiskey?

At “The Word” podcast, we haven’t shied away from taking on the tough stuff: Potential wage strikes, hate crimes, mass shootings and mental health issues are all topics we’ve talked about in recent weeks. In the midst of all that, we still have to enjoy life—and what better way to do that than looking at Long Beach’s unique culture, which allows small businesses that embrace that culture to flourish.

On today’s podcast, we will sit down with Dirty Prospector Whiskey co-founder Markus Biegel and learn about the lessons he took from failed businesses and doubt, and turned that into the city’s only small-batch distilled whiskey exclusively sold in Long Beach.

The Dirty Prospector is giving Long Beach residents a chance to taste its newest whiskey for free on Saturday between 1 and 5 p.m. at Roxanne’s Bar at 1115 E Wardlow Road. You can also learn more about Dirty Prospector Whiskey on their Facebook or Instagram. And, you can follow Markus Biegel here.

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