A file photo of Wilson High School.

Officials say a threat made against Wilson High School does not seem credible and that schools will remain open on Thursday with additional security measures.

“We’re aware of a potential threat has has been investigated and deemed non-credible by School Safety and law enforcement,” Long Beach Unified School District spokesperson Chris Eftychiou said, adding that parents were notified last night that the school remains safe.

The report of the threat was received sometime this week, according to an email sent to parents from Wilson High School Principal Suzanne Caverly, although she did not disclose exactly what the threat said.

Caverly also said security presence would increase on campus Thursday as an added precaution.

“As always, the safety of our students and staff is our top priority,” Caverly said. “We remind you to always say something when you see or hear something suspicious.”

The Long Beach Police Department was not immediately available to comment on the investigation.

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