Thursday Night Power Outage at Long Beach Port Strands Trucks for Hours • Long Beach Post

A power outage at the Port of Long Beach (POLB) Thursday evening stranded hundreds of trucks for hours, according to ABC7, who first reported on the issue showing an aerial video of the backup.

Southern California Edison first reported the outage was caused by metallic balloons coming into contact with wires, then later corrected the statement to say there was a different outage in the city caused by balloons, according to ABC7.

The POLB, who was notified of the power outage at 9:00PM by TTI (Total Terminals International), called Southern California Edison at about 9:27PM on Thursday night, which sent out a first responder.

“[…]It was determined that the problem causing the port outage was related to the electrical system operated by the port, not Southern California Edison’s electrical surface,” Susan Cox, a Southern California Edison spokesperson, told the Post, despite initial reports that the outage was caused by an equipment failure on their part.

The port does not operate their terminals, said Eric Bradley, spokesman for the POLB. They’re leased to tenants, such as TTI where the outage occurred at Pier T. And while the ship-to-shore cranes kept power, a lot of the other facilities were left with no power, which halted work.

The port was notified by TTI security that power had been restored and systems were running normally at about 3:00AM on Friday, according to Bradley.

“We are in contact with the terminal operator to find out the cause of the outage,” Bradley said. “It’s important to note operations continued normally at the Port’s other terminals. The Port certainly sympathizes with any of our business partners who were inconvenienced.”

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