UPDATE: Rep. Hahn Sends Letter to Toyota, Urging Co. to Reconsider Movement of North Long Beach Jobs • Long Beach Post

UPDATE | Rep. Janice Hahn (D-CA44) has taken steps to urge Toyota to reconsider its movement of jobs from North Long Beach to Texas, she announced today.

According to a release issued today, the congresswoman sent a letter to Toyota President and CEO James Lentz on Wednesday, urging Toyota to reconsider the move of 95 jobs from the Toyota Auto Body California (TABC) plant.

“North Long Beach and its local workers have been integral to Toyota’s success in this country and I believe it would be a mistake for the company to move manufacturing jobs out of a community that it has developed close ties with over decades,” said Hahn in a statement.

In the letter, Hahn shares the history of TABC and its impact on the Long Beach community. She asks if studies or evaluations have been conducted to determine if the movement of jobs is in the best interest of communities in California or Texas, and requests such information be shared with her office.

In her final paragraph, she states that if the decision is finalized, she asks the company to offer “the impacted workers an opportunity to move with the job, should they wish.”

PREVIOUSLY: Toyota to Lay Off Workers at North Long Beach Plant

5/22/15 7:41PM | Toyota will lay off close to 100 full-time workers and an unknown number of variable workers from North Long Beach’s Toyota Auto Body California (TABC) plant as a result of a business model change that will shift the manufacturing focus at TABC, Toyota officials told the Post today.

A Toyota spokesperson said that the business model change would result in the number of full-time workers at the Long Beach plant decreasing from approximately 400 to around 300 by the end of the year.

Parts for the Toyota Tacoma that can be made at a Toyota Tacoma plant in San Antonio will be made there starting this year, officials said.

“This business model change will result in a reduction in TABC’s business operations, but TABC Management has worked to ensure any impacted team members will be treated respectfully and fairly as they transition from their positions at TABC,” the spokesperson said.

According to Toyota officials, Long Beach’s manufacturing focus will shift to a blend of service parts made for Toyota Motor Sales’ service parts division on the West Coast, mass production parts for Toyota Tacomas, especially for their truck beds, and mass-production aluminum parts for Tesla Motors.

TABC opened in 1972 as Toyota’s first manufacturing investment in the U.S., a 2012 press release stated.

Today’s announcement comes after Toyota’s announcement in 2014 that it would be moving its headquarters to Plano, Texas by 2017.

No additional information is available at this time. We will update this story as we learn more.

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