:31 – The Earthlodge Center for Transformation is a non-profit organization founded by Queen Hollins. Naomi Hollins, who is Queen’s grandmother, was a Southern Black medicine woman who used ecology and herbal remedies to heal her surrounding community at a time when segregation made it difficult to seek help at health and medical institutions.

As a child, Queen had difficulty managing her anger. She credits her grandmother for abandoning cultural forms of discipline such as spanking. Instead, she had Queen connect with the earth.

Queen went on to take the knowledge passed on to her by her grandmother and couple that with her studies in metaphysics, gnostics and African spirituality. Equipped with that knowledge, she turned her Long Beach family home into the Earthlodge in 2004 and subsequently dug one of the largest Earth Healing Womb Pits in Los Angeles County.

You can learn more about the Earthlodge and how they blessed the land here. You can get involved, volunteer, or donate by visiting the Earthlodge online here. Or, you can follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

18:41 – The organization Long Beach Food and Beverage works hard to give Black restaurants in Long Beach much-needed exposure. Their first-ever Black Restaurant Week in January promises to help Black restaurants here in a big way, but fundraising has been difficult.

Terry Henry, who runs Long Beach Food and Beverage, says the event is important because the food industry employs so many throughout the country, second only to the US military.

Registration for the event is $100 and includes print and media advertising as well as being featured during Black Restaurant Week, which will take  place Jan. 23 through Jan. 30.

With the event right around the corner, Henry says her organization needs more involvement from restaurants and sponsors. If you run a Black restaurant and want to get involved, or if you would like to volunteer or donate, you can do so here.