Baristas and other workers at select Starbucks stores across the country, including some in the Long Beach area, went on strike today, accusing the coffee giant of failing to fairly negotiate a labor contract.

The workers’ union, Starbucks Workers United, dubbed the action a “Red Cup Rebellion,” timing the work stoppage to coincide with the chain’s popular Red Cup Day, in which it hands out free reusable holiday-themed red cups to customers who order holiday drinks.

“We’re inviting all Starbucks baristas and shift supervisors to join this year’s Red Cup Rebellion and walk out in solidarity alongside thousands of Starbucks Workers United baristas to protest Starbucks unfair labor practices,” the union proclaimed on its website.

Starbucks officials have denied accusations of unfair negotiating tactics.

Workers at more than 300 Starbucks locations across the country have voted to unionize, including about a dozen in Southern California.

Among the Southland stores included in the strike were locations at 4833 Candlewood St. in Lakewood and at Seventh Street and Redondo Avenue in Long Beach.