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It’s that time again!

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We are asking for your nominations in creating our sixth annual list of The 10 Most Powerful People in Long Beach. Each year, we ask our readers to nominate people who have gained notoriety for the decisions they have made, the actions they have taken and their leadership throughout the city of Long Beach. In the comments section below, nominate anyone that you believe deserves to make the list. You can nominate a single person or create your own list.

Unlike our 40 Under 40 and 30 Women to Watch events, we will not be honoring the 10 Most Powerful People with a large-scale celebration. As we have done in previous years, the final list will be announced on our website and also in our November 2012 print edition.

In attempting to create this list, the inevitable question that arises each year is: What do you mean by “powerful”? Financial power? Political power? Artistic power? Is influence alone a sign of power? The answer is yes to all of it and more. You should nominate people based on your own interpretation of the word. There are no right or wrong answers. We want to know what the people of Long Beach think.

Past lists have included a wide array of people from arts advocates and community activists to politicians and prominent business leaders, local education leaders and athletes to even “the Long Beach Voter.” You can nominate anyone you wish based on your own definition of “power.”

The final list will be produced based on reader suggestions with input from Long Beach Post columnists, staff and the publisher.

So who are the 10 most powerful people in our city? Post your answers in the comment section below. Let the nominations and debate begin!

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