In our efforts to inform, educate and represent the Long Beach community beyond the typeface shackles of words, our team of videographers embarked on yet another year of helping you see our community through a visual perspective.

It was a busy year: our visuals team started new projects, continued its commitment to highlighting local artists and documented circumstances both troubling and heartwarming across the city.

Without further ado here are our top 10 videos of 2022.

LOCKED OUT: Lisa “PJ” Stover


Side StrEATS: LB Mushrooms

Julio Salgado, Visual Artist

Fluffy’s Sno-Balls break-ins

Axiom Kitchen BBQ

In the Studio with Cambodian Ceramicist Vanndearlyn Vong

In the Studio with makeup artist Jay Quintana

Daughters carry on handmade trees in the bay legacy

Haunted Long Beach: Bembridge House