Long Beach Poly’s Jack Jones Announces Commitment to USC in Sit-Down with Snoop Dogg • Long Beach Post

 Snoop and Jones

Screenshot of Jones’ announcement with Snoop Dogg, courtesy of Snoop’s Twitter. 

Long Beach Poly’s Jack Jones, a five-star football recruit straight from the LBC, announced his commitment to the University of Southern California yesterday in an interview with Snoop Dogg, posted to the rapper’s Twitter account.

In the interview, Snoop and Jones reminisce over his playing in the “Snoop U” football game in the Coliseum—a nonprofit football league that allows inner-city children to participate in football—when the football star was “maybe about nine or 10,” and discuss the reasoning behind his decision, which he said is based on how the university will prepare him for an NFL career (something he dreams of). 

“How much of your decision will be based upon your friends or homies that you go to school with, that you want to stay together with them?” Snoop asks Jones.

“Not really that much, because they know, they know it’s my life and I gotta go on and play football, whatever, because, you know, in a couple of years, I’m not gonna pick where I’m goin’, they’re gonna pick me,” says Jones.

The video features a wholesome Snoop stressing the value of fun in the sport, the importance of making smart decisions (as they’ll impact others) and kindly inquiring about Jones’ other hopes, dreams and goals.

“I feel like [football] is gonna get my family out of SoCal, put them—take my mom out the hood and put her in the hills,” said Jones, elaborating on how he hopes football will change his as well as his family’s life.

The interview concludes with Jones’ announcement. Shortly after the announcement, Snoop posted an Instagram image of the rapper with his hand on the young man’s shoulder as he wears a USC cap.

In case you forgot, Snoop Dogg recently released a track in homage to his hometown, the birthplace of genius. 


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