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Photos by Dale Brown

It was Long Beach on Long Beach action on a spooky Friday the 13th evening in the Queen Mary Dome, as the 4th Street Retro Rollers faced the Bixby Rollerettes in a roller derby showdown in front of a rabid crowd. Photographer Dale Brown was on hand to capture the action.

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The defending champion Rollerettes emerged victorious over the Retro Rollers (in their popular blue & whites). The rollers come from all professions, lifestyles and backgrounds, but once wheel hits track, it’s all business. Bodies fly into boards, rocket around corners and tuck into breakneck speeds as the athletes cause destruction and mayhem in the name of a good time. A packed house  filled the dome, which is the league’s new home for this season and sports a new banked oval for higher speeds and – thankfully, for the fans anyway – bigger crashes.

The next Long Beach Roller Derby event is an open house Meet & Greet session for rollers-in-training that are interested in joining a squad. Come to the dome on Sunday, May 22 at 6:30pm to watch, ask questions and test your speed out on the banked track. Questions should be sent to the hilariously-named e-mail [email protected].

The next LBRD competition will pit the Terminal Island Tootsies against the Belmont Hot Broads on June 3. Click here for ticket information.

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