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As Sunday night transformed into early Monday morning, I sat still on my bedroom floor. In one hand a bowl of pasta, in the other hand a VCR remote.  Extenuating circumstances caused me to miss the Sunday afternoon Chargers/Colts playoff game; however, Tivo or no Tivo, I was going to watch the game just like all my fellow Charger fans did.  Well, not exactly.

I had been able to listen to the 4th quarter on my car radio.  I had seen the highlights on NFL Primetime, multiple times, but I needed to see the whole game from beginning to end.

Why? Good question.  Truthfully, the only thing I could think about while watching recorded football in the wee hours of the night was my Dad.  Jeff Sr. (or Big Fidd as he is more lovingly referred to) would record every major sporting event when I was young, but mostly football and golf.  

I know you’re thinking golf barely has live watchability, but there is replay value if you’re watching it with your Dad after a long Sunday at a crappy weekend job.  He had watched it during the day, and when I got home we would watch it together.  Both knowing the outcome.  Both happy to be there.  From Tiger Woods winning his first Masters in historic fashion to a week six NFL game, we watched it all, and we loved every minute of it.

Obviously, one who already knows the outcome of a sporting event watches a replay for different reasons than the fan who watches it live.  I watched the Chargers/Colts game in an attempt to connect with the Charger Nation, or to try and relive the emotions of the day.  

But it’s about time I admit I have a problem.

Even if the Chargers had lost on Sunday, even after all the pain I’ve experienced concerning Charger playoff games over the last three years especially, I would’ve forced myself to sit on my bedroom floor and watch the game.

I know… I’m sick.

And the best part is I’m never going to get better.  I dread the downs, celebrate every single up, and can feel the difference deep down in the pit of my stomach.  I am a fan, and there’s nothing better.  

Now, I have an opportunity to share my Long Beach fandom with Long Beach.  Every week, straight from the roof, you won’t get a regurgitation of the box score.  Here you’ve got a finger on the pulse of the most underrated sports scene in Southern California.

Oh yea, listen to SportsNight, too.

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