Pitchers Shane Watson and Chase De Jong embrace after an epic game between Wilson and Lakewood. Weeks later, both pitchers would be drafted by MLB teams.

For this, the premiere edition of the562.org’s Classics video series, Mike and JJ look back on a game still talked about: Long Beach Wilson talking on Lakewood in May of 2012. In actuality, it was Wilson pitcher Chase De Jong and taking on Lakewood pitcher Shane Watson, each dominating in front of more than 3,000 fans during a 1-0 Lancers league victory.

The 3,000 who witnessed the pitchers’ duel at Blair Field in May of 2012, included scouts from virtually every Major League club. In fact, though De Jong and Watson were no doubt the star attractions, about a half dozen players in the game would go on to play professionally; four still do.

Both senior aces led their teams to the CIF semifinals (also played at Blair Field) and were both selected in the MLB draft within a month of this memorable night..