Motion Seeks to Ease Tensions Over 710 Expansion by Focusing on Displacement Elimination, Community Enhancements

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For our full coverage on the 710 Freeway project, click here. **** Photo by Brian Addison. After concerns about everything from further marginalizing West Long Beach to a lack of support for the staff recommendation to move forward with option...
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With Committees Declining to Accept 710 Expansion Recommendation as Is, Vote Goes to Board March 1

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Additional reporting by Joe Linton. Photo by Brian Addison. Graphic below courtesy of Metro. I’ve railed against the 710 expansion project because, in all sincerity, it’s not only ridiculous but archaic form of infrastructure. Even with two committees, largely...
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Metro & Caltrans Want You to Believe the 710 Expansion Is Good—Here’s Why It’s Not Good at All

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I’ve been writing about the 710 Freeway expansion project since 2013 and in those five years, one thing is clear: the possible expansion is not just a random, asphalt-driven undertaking; it is one of the largest infrastructural proposals in...