'Zombroz' Hopes to Eat Rivalries Alive as Film Advances to Finals in Affleck/Damon Competition Series

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Cutthroat Cocktail Pits Long Beach's Best Cocktail Crafters Against One Another

Sip LBC week isn't just about the drinks themselves but also about the art of crafting cocktails. Enter Cutthroat Cocktail tomorrow evening, the libation-centered competition which mimics the famed Kitchen version on television and aims to put some of Long Beach’s best beverage connoisseurs to the test. For the foodies obsessed with all-things-grub on TV, Chef Rahm Fama, host of Food Network’s Meat & Potatoes, will serve as emcee.


Gender Reel Film Festival Brings Trans-Focused Cinema and Art to Long Beach

While the trans* community is getting a plethora of much-needed exposure, this isn’t to say that advocates haven’t been long at work in developing exposure. This includes the country’s only coast-to-coast festival dedicated to trans* film and performance, Gender Reel Film Festival, which has a home right here in Long Beach—thanks to the auspices of husband and husband team Leeroy Joyce and Darby Darling.


Five Fall Favorites (That Aren't Pumpkin Spice)

It’s fall y’all, and you know what that means? A fair number of people are probably thinking “PUMPKIN SPICE!” right now. That may very well be the fall tradition with the best marketing, but it has overshadowed a lot of the little things that make fall fun.