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Fate of New City Public School To Be Decided by State Board of Education Vote Next Week

The classrooms at New City Public School in Long Beach lie empty as the sound of children’s voices and teacher’s instructions have given way to the annual exodus of students to Summer Break. But unlike the rest of the schools in the district, whether or not New City's students return for instruction next year hinges on a decision to be handed down from the California Department of Education next week.


District Attorney Says LBCCD Board Did Not Violate Brown Act, Urges Caution Moving Forward

In a letter to the Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees this week, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office informed the board that it is not in violation of the Ralph M. Brown Act. However, it noted that statements made by members of the board and its legal counsel at a March 10 meeting were “incorrect” and “must be addressed to to avoid potential violations in the future.”


Inconsistencies Between Practices, Brown Act Guidelines Highlighted During LBCCD Training

The Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees took some extra time before last night’s regular meeting for a refresher course on the Ralph M. Brown Act, a law that upholds the public’s right to participate in meetings of local legislative bodies. The training session revealed further inconsistencies between the board's practices and established Brown Act guidelines.


LBCCD Board to Discuss Possible Exposure to Litigation From Alleged Misuse of Public Funds

During tomorrow’s regularly-scheduled meeting, the Long Beach Community College District (LBCCD) Board of Trustees is set to explore whether or not the district has exposed itself to possible litigation because of an alleged gift of public funds, specifically, claims that the LBCCD granted an undocumented raise to Superintendent President Eloy Oakley in January 2014.