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It’s already time to start making plans for a memorable Thanksgiving meal. Side dish variety is a key to a great meal, whether hosting or visiting friends and family for the day. An easy way to fill the table with delicious dishes is to have a potluck-style holiday. If you’re looking for a tasty recipe that will hold its own on the Thanksgiving table, here are some of the best.

Green bean casserole
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Everyone loves a traditional green bean casserole at Thanksgiving. But if you want to branch out and share your culinary creativity, bring these creamy brussels sprouts and cauliflower. The cheesy sauce helps make these vegetables more palatable to a varied crowd. Adding breadcrumbs will give the dish an extra crunch after you’ve toasted everything in the oven. You can easily make this dish ahead of time and pop it into the oven for toasting when you’re ready to eat.

For a delicious way to highlight vegetables without more creamy sauces, serve these vegan wild rice stuffed butternut squash. Everyone gets an individual serving, and they’re easy to personalize with different fillings. This recipe calls for rice, cranberries, and curry powder for depth of flavor.

Holiday mashed potatoes
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Potatoes and Pasta

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without at least one potato dish, so offer your services this year and make these mashed potatoes. Combining two potato varieties will bring the best flavor and texture. Adding cream cheese alongside milk and butter gives a hint of tanginess that your friends and family will love.

For some families, macaroni and cheese is a Thanksgiving staple. Don’t assume that this popular dish is just for the kids. You can elevate the meal by adding other flavors and mixing a variety of cheeses. This roasted tomato macaroni and cheese recipe combines four kinds of cheese, mustard powder, and fresh tomatoes for a delicious offering.

Whether you serve them sweet or savory, everyone loves sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving. For more fun this year, make these delicious sweet potato bites so everyone can have an individual serving. You can prepare the sweet potato rounds the day before if you’d like. They’ll warm up when you broil the marshmallow right before serving!

Thanksgiving stuffing
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There’s always room for more stuffing on a Thanksgiving table, so add a little variety with this spicy cornbread stuffing. It’s a robust recipe, so make sure to serve small portions. The cornbread base combined with sweet potatoes and chorizo is very filling. Adding kale and chiles gives a pop of unique flavor that will make this stuffing a memorable side dish every time.

Are you looking for traditional stuffing with a twist? Try these stuffing muffins that are easy to make. Anyone who loves the crispy bits of stuffing will gravitate towards these muffins. You can adjust the recipe to include your favorite stuffing mix-ins, too!

Grocery store shopping for rolls.
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Fun Extras

If your crowd frowns on store-bought rolls, make a batch of these delicious pumpkin dinner rolls. They’re simple to make and produce a light, fluffy roll that tastes like quintessential fall. If you’re new to making bread, don’t be intimidated. Your pumpkin rolls will be a surprising addition to the Thanksgiving table.

Soups are a great addition to the Thanksgiving table, though often overlooked among so many delicious side dishes. This butternut squash and apple soup combines two of the best fall flavors into a smooth, creamy dish. You can serve this in small bowls as an appetizer or have it alongside the main dish as a vegetable offering.

Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving staple. Offer to bring this dish and surprise everyone by presenting a fancy cranberry sauce for the table. By making your own jam, you can infuse it with exciting flavors like cardamom and bay leaves. The final product is not only beautiful but delicious as well. Don’t be surprised if this dish becomes your only Thanksgiving obligation for years to come.

Whether making something traditional and comforting or surprising and zesty, these Thanksgiving side dishes will leave a lasting impression.

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