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Crossword puzzles are not only a longtime, beloved American pastime, but they also have neurological benefits that keep your mind young and sharp.

In fact, a study from researchers at the University of Exeter found that older adults who complete word and number puzzles have sharper minds compared to those who don’t. And luckily, crossword puzzles are more convenient (and environmentally friendly) than ever as they’re now accessible and readily available on your smartphone or computer.

Below is a list of some of the best crossword puzzles of 2022, which include something for everyone!

New York Times

If you’re one for the classic crossword, The New York Times makes their crosswords available both through its website and its free app. Both are fully equipped with carefully crafted puzzles at progressing levels of difficulty to ensure there is a puzzle for you! The puzzles are updated every day so you can play the same ones that are printed in the physical paper. Plus, the New York Times offers a handful of other mind-stimulating games that are just as challenging to subscribers. These include Spelling Bee (a game in which the player must make as many words as they can from seven letters), Mini Crossword (a crossword that is perfect for time-crunches), and more. Playing these puzzles and games is an excellent way to keep your mind fresh and on its toes!


Do you get tired of the classic, black and white crossword but still love solving them? This game is the perfect mix of the New York Times’ Spelling Bee game and the regular crossword. Wordscapes begins players on level one, giving you approximately four letters to use in different variations to complete the crossword. As you complete the levels, the difficulty and amount of letters increases, keeping you engaged and constantly coming up with new, creative solutions. This exciting game boasts a five-star rating from over 671,000 people, so it’s worth a try.

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Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles

This game hones in specifically on your unique interests. Do you want to be quizzed on your favorite 80s movies? How about singers? History? Sports? Daily Crossword Puzzles has it all. All you have to do is punch in your favorite trivia genre, and this website will create dozens of difficulty levels to meet you at your crossword skill level, all while keeping you up to date on your favorite subjects. While you hone your skills in your area of expertise, you might even learn a few things in a subject you weren’t previously familiar with—did someone say win-win?

Crosswords with Friends

A little competition never hurt anyone! This free game allows you to connect with your friends and family as you learn and improve your crossword skills. Crosswords with Friends allows you to choose the category of your crossword and play simultaneously or asynchronously with your competitors. Your names line up on the leaderboard according to who has accumulated the highest number of correct answers. For every crossword you complete, the player is given a certain number of stars based on the puzzle’s difficulty. The puzzles are updated frequently, so not only will you challenge your loved ones, but you will be kept up to date on pop culture, sports, and interesting fun facts! Plus, your competitors might keep you accountable for completing at least one puzzle per day. On your mark…get set…go!

Long Beach Post Community Pages

Crossword puzzles and word finds with a local flavor! Community Pages was created as a space to connect with Long Beach and share good news – there’s a pet section with adoptable furry friends and lost & found posts, obituaries to celebrate the lives of our community, you’ll find crosswords, word finds and coloring pages in Extras! and more!

No matter which crossword website you choose, you will end up sharper and more scholarly after each puzzle!

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