dana buchanan

On Saturday, September 22, more than 300 people gathered at The Grand here in Long Beach as the Long Beach Post, in a partnership with Choura Events, presented its inaugural 30 Women to Watch event, a night designed to honor the many female citizens of this city who are altering the landscape with their own definitions of what it means to be a woman.

In addition to featuring the winners in a special pull-out section in the most recent print edition of thePost, we will be running profiles and photos of each woman, one per day, for the next 30 days.


dana buchananDana Buchanan is a self-identified foodie—and shares her love of all things gastronomical through her Primal Alchemy Catering business, one of the most successful woman-led food service companies in the area. Her activism within everything from organic farming to brewing to jam making has propelled her beyond a mere caterer.

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Visit Primal Alchemy’s website.