Wide Eyes Open Palms restaurant in Long Beach. Courtesy of Wide Eyes Open Palms. Photo by Bahareh Ritter, @bahareh.co.

Nine Long Beach restaurants made the cut on Yelp’s most recent roundup of the top places to eat in Los Angeles County.

Periodically, the review site will round up eateries for a list focusing on different categories like tacos or ice cream, but recently, they put together this all encompassing list.

Businesses that have a passing health score and were marked open were ranked by Yelp using both total volume and ratings of reviews, among other factors, between summer 2022 and summer 2023.

Shlap Muan Wings, a Cambodian chicken wing spot, ranked highest of the Long Beach eateries coming in at no. 18.

Here’s the Long Beach locations and their rankings:

Other local spots included:

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