Actress, television host, and Long Beach native Tiffani Thiessen will appear at the Art Theater on Fourth Street on Sept. 30 to promote her new cookbook “Here We Go Again: Recipes & Inspiration to Level Up Your Leftovers.”

The event, organized by Matt Miller, owner of local culinary bookstore Kitchen Lingo, will begin at 11 a.m. and include a short discussion with Thiessen about the inspiration behind the book and more, followed by a book signing. Long Beach Post food writer Caitlin Antonios will lead the discussion.

In the lead up to the event, multiple restaurants and shops surrounding the theater will offer dishes from the new cookbook, which turns common leftovers like bottom of the bag chips into whole new creations.

  • Little Coyote (2118 East Fourth St.) will cook up Thiessen’s “Pizza for Breakfast Sandwich,” a cheese pizza slice with proscuitto, egg, and Parmesan folded over to make a crunchy sandwich. They will also offer the “Pot Roast & Potato Pizza,” a pizza with pot roast, roasted scalloped potatoes, and Pecorino cheese.
  • La Tarantella Osteria (2120 East Fourth St.) will offer “Champagne Crepes” two ways: a sweet option and savory which will feature lobster and a lemon Champagne saffron sauce.
  • Oh La Vache (2112 East Fourth St.) will use Thiessen’s “Blue Cheese Buttah” on a baguette with French ham and will also prepare a a New Orleans style pulled pork dip with double cream brie on a bagel which is inspired by Thiessen’s “Bagel French Onion Soup.”
  •  Alder & Sage (366 Cherry Ave.) will have Thiessen’s “Lemon Polenta Flapjacks,” a polenta pancake made with lemon and ricotta.
  • Art du Vin (2027 E. Fourth St.) will offer a natural wine spritzer with fresh fruit and club soda from Thiessen’s “The Last Pour.”
  • Lola’s Mexican Cuisine (2030 E. Fourth St.) will offer Thiessen’s steak and fish “Surf and Turf Tacos.”
  • The Social List (2105 E. Fourth St.) will offer Thiessen’s “Cheese Cracker-Fried Chicken Sandwiches” with cheese cracker-crusted chicken breast, fried and topped with ranch.

Miller hopes this type of inclusive cookbook event will be a regular occurrence in Long Beach.

“If a cookbook doesn’t have pictures most people won’t consider it because they want to see how the dish is supposed to look,” Miller said in a statement. “Logically, the next step is being able to taste the dishes in the book, first.”

The special menu items will be available beginning Sept. 24 for a limited time.

Thiessen’s cookbook will be available on Sept. 26. Tickets will be $32 for a pre-order of the cookbook and two seat reservations for the discussion. A ticket without purchase of the book will be $15.

Pre-orders can be purchased here or email [email protected].