Knead Donuts & Tea, the doughnuttery that took over an aging doughnut shop at 7th Street and Redondo Avenue and has become one of the city’s most loved doughnut spots, has officially expanded it carb empire, opening a second location at the spot formerly occupied by Jerry’s Donuts, 5101 E. Pacific Coast Highway.

“We are offering a limited set of doughnuts at our new location,” said Amy Behuynh, co-owner with her father Huey. “We are still trying to find our groove and there have definitely been hiccups—be patient!”

Doughnut-making has a rich history in Cambodian culture and therefore a rich history in Long Beach, given the Cambodian community’s extensive influence on local culture after escaping the Khmer Rouge to build new roots here. It became a way for these immigrant families to sustain the future of their children while assimilating into a culture beyond opening a noodle shack. (Hey there, Phnom Penh, which also has savory doughnuts you must try.)

Knead is no exception, mixing masterful doughnut-making with the charm of a family-run business: You will often find Amy or Huey themselves greeting you upon entry as they begin to solicit (and usually very much succeed in getting) you to buy their latest offerings or their classics.

Knead Donut & Tea in Long Beach. Photo by Brian Addison.
File photo by Brian Addison.

Their Tiger’s Tail, a twisted strip of chocolate cake intertwined with their yeast-based dough, is nothing short of addicting; the sweetness of the chocolate pairs wonderfully with the sourdough-y flavor of the yeast dough.

Or their crème brûlée doughnut, a cream-filled round wonder topped with caramelized sugar that gives the I-have-to-get-out-my-spoon crack of the French dessert’s traditional topping paired with the creaminess hidden underneath.

And that blueberry doughnut.

Taking a glance, one expects the typical, heavy-cake that comes with the history of this esteemed piece of fried dough. But like my go-to Sidecar’s famed huckleberry donut, Knead’s blueberry concoction is light, sitting perfectly between cake and doughnut—and therefore, creating the perfect blueberry doughnut.

On top of it all, they offer taro milk tea, Vietnamese iced coffee, boba, and a plethora of other Asia-centric sweet drinks on top of some spectacular house-made croissant breakfast sammies.

In other words, go—just be patient with the new location as they adjust.

Knead is located at 3490 E. 7th St. and 5105 E. Pacific Coast Highway.