Celebrity chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger—the pair that created the lauded Border Grill—announced they will close both of their restaurants inside the 2nd & PCH retail complex.

Border BBQ, a smoked meats space, and Pacha Mamas, which focused on skewers and ceviche, are the two casualties. The pair announced on Instagram that each of the concepts will move to Las Vegas’ Triple-A baseball park in Summerlin, Nevada.

Twist, what would have been the pair’s first formal foray into a space that focuses on sweets, was supposed to open at 2nd & PCH but ultimately never materialized.

The reasons behind the closure remain unclear as Milliken and Feniger’s camps have yet to return request for comment immediately. Even more, what this means for other 2nd & PCH restaurants—most notably the Chef Michael Mina-led Bungalow location that has yet to open—is unclear.

“As of March 1, Pacha Mamas and Border BBQ have closed their doors at 2nd & PCH,” said spokesperson Annie Goldenberg. “We are very grateful to everyone who has supported the eateries and wish their team continued success.”

The tale of Milliken and Feniger is a unique one: studying classic French cuisine, the pair learned of Mexican cuisine through the immigrant cooks that worked in the kitchens. Enamored with the flavors, they ventured into the homeland of their cooks and learned about the cuisine from the countless street vendors, carts and trucks.

Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger to open three—yes, three—restaurants at 2nd & PCH

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