An array of food from 123 Pho. Courtesy of 123 Pho.

Editor’s note: This is an “open” article, meaning it will be constantly updated with restaurant specials and offerings as we receive them. If you are a restaurateur and wish to have your specials listed, send a picture, what you are offering, and pick-up instructions (including delivery options) to: [email protected]

After the city of Long Beach mandated the closure of bars and any in-person dining at restaurants to slow down the coronavirus, essentially the entire foodservice industry has had to alter how it operates at least until March 31—and possibly longer. Some of them have gotten creative.

Here is a list of what restaurants are offering as they urge patrons to use their delivery/take-out/to-go options. As a heads up, it also includes restaurants that will not be open at all.

In alphabetical order…


[Pictured above]

123 Pho

210 E. Third St.; 562-552-6677

Perks: Pho to soothe your anxiety—plus free delivery

“We are offering free delivery on our website for your first order and only $3 thereafter,” said Bells Wong of 123 Pho. “We also offer pick up via call-in or online order and we are also on Ubereats as well.”


The Frailty, 4th Horseman's vegan pizza with vegan parmesan and vegan sausage. Photo by Brian Addison.
The Frailty, 4th Horseman’s vegan pizza with vegan parmesan and vegan sausage. Photo by Brian Addison.
The 4th Horseman

121 W. Fourth St.; 562-513-3394

Perks: Free corned beef & cabbage with your pizza

For today, or while supplies last, with any pizza order, owners Ryan Hughes and Martin Svab will give a free cup of house-made corned beef and cabbage. Anyone placing an order online for delivery or pickup can use the code EAT BEER DRINK PIZZA and 4th Horseman will pay the sales tax. They also have a limited amount of cauliflower crust pizzas and bottles of wine along with six- and four-pack beers available for delivery.

For Brian Addison’s review of The 4th Horseman, click here. To look at The 4th Horseman’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here


Courtesy of The 908 Restaurant.
The 908

3850 Worsham Ave., #410; 562-420-5331

Door Dash delivery is available for customers along with the ability to place take out orders by calling in. Full menu is available here.


Courtesy of Aji Peruvian Cuisine.
Aji Peruvian Cuisine

2308 E. Fourth St.;  562-439-8545

The southside’s easiest access to Peruvian food can be picked up curbside or ordered through Postmates and Door Dash. Even better: 50% off all bottles of vino.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Dash E.
Ambitious Ales 

4019 Atlantic Ave.; 562-285-7199

Perks: Beer to-go from one of our local breweries

Ambitious Ales is offering crowlers, packaged beer and gift card sales online and at the tap room daily from noon to 6 p.m. With a spacious area to wait, social distancing can be practices. You can order online by clicking here.


A brunch spread at Ammatoli. Photo by Brian Addison.
Ammatolí Mediterranean Bites

285 E. Third St.; 562-435-0808

Perks: The city’s best Middle Eastern food—with free delivery

If you haven’t experienced Chef Dima Habibeh’s food, you are simply missing out. And now, you can order everything from her masterful beef shawarma to the best falafel in Long Beach with free delivery from 11 a.m to 6 p.m.

For Brian Addison’s review of Ammatoli, click here; for his review of his brunch, click here. To look at Ammatoli’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Three different tacos sit in individual paper trays.
A trio of tacos, with the fiery soyrizo taco sitting center, from Amorcito. Photo by Brian Addison.
Amorcito (CLOSED)

4150 McGowen St.; 562-420-5005

Chef Thomas Ortega will be fully closing both of Amor Familia locations in Long Beach, Amorcito and Playa Amor. “We have closed them for now,” Ortega said. “We barely did 150 bucks all day yesterday.  Playa did $60 for lunch, so we had to close them for now. It doesn’t make sense; it will bury us further in debt trying to do just to-go orders.”

For Brian Addison’s review of Amorcito, click here. To look at Amorcito’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Mykal L.
Ambrosia Cafe

1923 Broadway.; 562-432-1098

Already offering a variety of Greek, American, and vegan options, Cafe Ambrosia will also be offering sealed bottles of wine and beer, pickup or curbside Cash or over the phone charge. Full menu available here.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Walter G.
Aroma di Roma

4708 E. Second St.; 562-439-7662

Perks: They open at 5:30 a.m. and assist with elder deliveries

In-person take-out orders, curbside pickup, and backdoor parking area pickup will be offered at this caffeinated staple in Belmont Shore. Delivery is also available through GrubHub, Postmates, and Door Dash. Even cooler, they are willing to deliver with their own staff for special circumstances, such as the elderly confined to their homes or those in need of special assistance due to medical conditions


Courtesy of Yelp!/N. Danny S.
Aura Thai

4085 Atlantic Ave.; 562-426-3000

Aura Thai will continue to provide food via take-out and delivery services Seamless, Eat Streets, and GrubHub.


Auld Dubliner’s shepherd’s pie. Courtesy of Auld Dubliner.
The Auld Dubliner (CLOSED)

71 S. Pine Ave.; 562-437-8300

“We will be closed for the immediate future. We appreciate all of the community support and everyone who contributed to getting us this far. We will reopen and we will return stronger than ever.”


Baja Sonora deep-fried hard taco with a michelada in Long Beach Thursday, August 29, 2019. Photo by Thomas R. Cordova.
Baja Sonora

2940 Clark Ave.; 562-421-5120

Perks: Excessively cheesy, overly guacamole-y tacos dorado

This is Cal-Mex at its peak, having served the Long Beach community its Americanized version of Mexican grub over two decades. Some food snobs might dismiss these fried tacos as inauthentic—but in reality, they’ve been a part of Mexican and Mexican-American cuisine for decades

Call for pick-up or delivery through Door Dash.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Roselle B.
Bamboo Teri House

3391 Atlantic Ave.; 562-595-6049

Bamboo Teri House is currently take-out orders with their full menu. Call in to pick up or use delivery services DoorDash and Postmates. Menu available here.



Courtesy of Bebot.
Bebot Filipino Soul Food

2741 E. Fourth St.; 562-342-6008

Perks: Filipino grub—duh—and a meal donated for every $20 spent

Chefs AC Boral and Janice Dig Cabaysa do something no one else in the city is doing: creating spins on Filipino food like not other—and they open for take-out or delivery via phone call,, or Postmates.

“For your $20 spent, we can cover the food and labor costs for a meal we’re donating to a local family facing food insecurity,” Boral said.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Colanie B.
Bixby’s Brooklyn Deli

4280 Atlantic Ave.; 562-426-6146

Perks: Pastrami, pastrami, and more pastrami

While it may not be the much-missed Brix’s in the Shore, Bixby’s Brooklyn Deli can help curb your pastrami/Jewish deli needs—and they will be offering take-out and delivery via Postmates and Door Dash. For the full menu, click here.



Blackbird Cafe

3405 Orange Ave.; 562-490-2473

The Cal Heights breakfast and lunch staple will, beginning Thursday, Mar. 19, be open for take-out only from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. They will provide free delivery within a three mile radius; deliveries will start at 8 AM. Minimum order of $25 or more for delivery while call-and-walk-in orders are good for now. No curbside pickup will be available for now. To place a order, call. Full menu available here. 

“Our regular staff will be making the deliveries and we’d appreciate if you would kindly remember to tip them,” said owner Debbie Rosetti-Colacion.” This will be a trial period so things may change.”


Breakfast Bar’s signage at its Downtown location. Courtesy of Yelp!/Cici M.
The Breakfast Bar

70 Atlantic Ave.; 562-726-1700

Owner Pamela Beadel is offering a glass of fresh squeezed OJ and a bottle of Champagne for $16 as well as “offering our other specialty drinks to go. People can call or order online for pick up. Delivery is online only. They can order through our website or through Postmates, Gub Hub and Chow Now. “


Courtesy of Yelp!/Samantha C.
Buono Gente

5205 E. Second St.; 562-438-8763

Perks: Full menu being offered

One of Belmont Shore’s Italian staples, Buono Gente is offering their entire menu for delivery. 


One of many seafood boils to be found at Cali Shrimp & Wingz House. Courtesy of Victor Peña.
Cali Shrimp and Wingz House

1169 E. Tenth St.; 562-528-8911 Perks: Free delivery within a two-mile radius

One of my underrated grub hubs, Cali Shrimp & Wingz is a bit of a gem. They are trying to keep operations going by offering free delivery but only from a two-mile radius from the restaurant. “Specials will no longer be available from our restaurant due to our suppliers pricing at this time,” said owner Victor Pena. “We are also limited on our supplies so most items will be while supplies last. We hope this helps in this time of need and we will do our best to help the community in these very difficult times.”


The Lomo Saltado at Casa Chaskis. Photo by Brian Addison.
Casa Chaskis

2380 Santa Fe Ave.; 562-612-3305

Perks: Some of the best Peruvian food in the city

The Westside’s Casa Chaskis will have lunch special deliveries Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with each special changing daily announced on their social media, which includes Instagram and Facebook. Lunch specials consist of an appetizer, entree, and beverage for $11.99. On occasion, they do offer vegan and vegetarian lunch specials. Call for pick-up or use delivery via Postmates.


Courtesy of Cesar’s Bistro.
Cesar’s Bistro (CLOSED)

6240 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.; 562-494-1000

After attempting to make delivery/to-go only a viable thing, Chef Cesar and his wife Luz have decided to close up shop: 

“Today is our turn to make the tough decision: We will be temporarily closed. We did our best to remain open for take out and delivery, but we know that we now need to go beyond that for the safety and well-being of our customers, community, and ourselves. Let’s stay confident that we all could get through this.”


Courtesy of Charo Chicken.
Charo Chicken

4752 Pacific Coast Hwy.; 562-498-5600

The chain’s popular chicken meals, pasta salads and more are available for pickup or delivery. Click here for their menu.


Chen’s Chinese Restaurant. Courtesy of Yelp!/Gigi P.
Chen’s Chinese Restaurant

2131 E. Broadway; 562-439-0309

The long-living Chinese staple has been serving Long Beach for decades—and remains one of the few places offering an entirely Chinese menu. Call for pick-up or delivery; delivery is also 


Chianina Steakhouse (CLOSED)

5716 E. Second St. 562- 434-2333

But Michael’s Restaurant Group will keep their Downtown location open for delivery.

To look at Chianina’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Courtesy of Chowder Barge.
Chowder Barge

611 N. Henry Ford Ave. in Wilmington; 310-830-7937

Perks: Food from one the region’s most unique spaces

It’s the only floating restaurant in the county—and while you won’t be able to experience that firsthand unless you pick up a to-go order, with free delivery of their famed clam chowder for orders $50 or more, this might be a great option for families or small offices that are still working.


Courtesy of Chronic Tacos.
Chronic Tacos

3879 E. Ocean Blvd.; 562-438-2714

Chronic Tacos has created a Family Taco Kit, available at its Belmont Shore location.

“This is basically a taco bar that feeds four people,” said Jamie Bradec. “It includes tortillas, choice of two proteins—steak, chicken, carnitas or pastor—choice of rice and beans, cheese, chips, pico de gallo and salsas. All for $35. Available to order through the Chronic Tacos app, online ordering through and third party delivery, including Door Dash, Postmates, Ubereats, and GrubHub.”


Courtesy of Cindo de Mayo.
Cinco de Mayo
351 Pacific Ave.; 562-432-1604

Perks: One of Downtown’s oldest Mexican joints

This old-school-but-satisfying Mexican restaurant has been serving the Downtown community for decades—and it is so old-school that it is cash only. But there is an ATM there for when you pick up.


Courtesy of Cluck & Blaze.
Cluck & Blaze

4501 E. Carson St.; 562-399-9596

The aspiring Nashville hot chicken joint will offer take-out, pick-up, and delivery through Postmates. 


Coffee Cup's breakfast burrito. Photo by Brian Addison.
Coffee Cup’s breakfast burrito. Photo by Brian Addison.
Coffee Cup Cafe

3734 E. Fourth St.; 562-433-3292

Perks: Some of the best breakfast grub in Long Beach

Coffee Cup owners Doreen Nagler and Joan Macken want folks to know that they are open during their regular business hours and ready for pick-up. Call to place your order.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Pete B.

5205 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.; 562-498-2461

Perks: 50-ounce to-go drinks

Newly minted owner Steve Guillen has had to take on a three-front battle: Walking away from his neighborhood staple Iguana Kelly’s, taking over DiPiazza after its two much-loved founders decided to retire, and now, the coronavirus.

He isn’t giving up—and you can order the space’s entire menu online, including 50-ounce drinks. 


Courtesy of Derrick’s.
Derrick’s on Atlantic

3502 Atlantic Ave.; 562-337-8131

Derrick’s just opened—and that’s why your support is needed. The barbecue-centric spot will be taking curbside orders without you ever stepping out of your car. Call ahead to place your order. Menu available to look at here.


Shrimp and melon at Ellie’s. Photo by Brian Addison.

Ellie’s: 204 Orange Ave.; 562-437-4837 and Lupe’s: 301 The Promenade N.; 562-436-4344

Perks: Some of the city’s best food delivered to your door

Chef Jason Witzl of Ellie’s and Lupe’s is facing a rough week: Having to let go of 80 staff members, he and his team are trying to figure out how to best maneuver the food landscape freshly after opening one of the city’s largest restaurant spaces, Lupe’s, in Downtown. 

To view the two restaurants’ combination menu that begins Friday, Mar. 20, click here.

For Brian Addison’s review of Ellie’s, click here. For Brian Addison’s review of Lupe’s, click here.  To look at Ellie’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Dutch’s Brewhouse in Bixby Knolls. Courtesy of Yelp!/Antonette N.
Dutch’s Brewhouse

4244 Atlantic Ave.; 562-420-5005

Perks: Beginning Wednesday, they will be offering delivery (but not through any delivery apps)

Owner Jason Van Fleet—the self-described Chief Bottle Washer—and his vastly underrated Bixby Knolls gem will begin offering a special take-out menu on Wednesday and is skipping the use and hassle of delivery apps in favor of doing delivery themselves. For a full look at the menu, click here.


Flamin’ Curry’s variety of Indian cuisine offerings is both quick and quality-driven. Photo by Brian Addison.
Flamin’ Curry

3344 E. Broadway; 562-343-7319

Perks: The best Indian food in Long Beach

If there is one thing that should never be downsized, or maligned, it is quick-and-cheap, wonderfully satisfying food. Perhaps no place exudes this quality more than the almighty taco truck, though others lurk in the shadows and shine bright once discovered. That’s Flamin’ Curry.

Great Indian food is difficult to find in Long Beach but this joint is unapologetically straightforward, a line of steam trays offering up a splendid array of Northern and Southern Indian staples that help my inner cravings for channa masala and biryani and, of course, various curries with the type of spiciness to transcend and heat up dining experiences.

Call for pick-up or get delivery through GrubHub, Ubereats, and Postmates.


A set of broken wings sit in front of Fire Bird’s chicken sandwiches dubbed “Subs.” Photo by Brian Addison.
Fire Bird Nashville Hot Chicken

3630 Atlantic Ave. (inside Liberation Brewing Co.); 562-543-3911

Perks: The city’s best Nashville hot chicken

Owners Thyda and Chet Sieng offer Long Beach the best version of Nashville hot chicken it can get—and it is available for take-out and delivery orders. They are offering free delivery with three entrees or more within a six-mile radius. Menu available for viewing here.

For Brian Addison’s review of Fire Bird, click here.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Sierra S.
The Firkin Pub & Grill

3411 E. Broadway; 562-433-3769

“We are doing a taco dinner special for four with rice and beans, salsa and guacamole, and a choice of two proteins: chicken, ground beef or cauliflower,” said owner Mia Cornelius. “Our full menu is still available including corned beef and cabbage, Irish egg rolls, and shepherds pie.”


Courtesy of Frosted Cupcakery.
Frosted Cupcakery

4817 E. Second St.; 562-987-1080

Perks: Amazing cupcakes—duh

Call to place a pre-order over the phone and, with at least 30 minutes notice, they’ll box the order, run the payment and bring the order out for curbside pick up in the back alley or parking lot behind our shop. 



2751 E. Broadway; 562-856-8000

Perks: Proceeds go to their employees

In the word of owner Cieran Gallagher: “I’m stuck with 500 pounds of corn beef, cabbage, and more—what else am I to do but give 100% of the sales to my staff?” We got your back, Cieran—and for what it is worth, happy St. Paddy’s Day and thank you for having your employees’ backs. They will also offer their full menu to-go.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Veronica T.
George’s 50s Diner

4390 Atlantic Ave.; 562-427-5979

Draped in neon light at night, George’s 50’s Diner will do doing dine out and they are happy to bring your order to your car. Menu available here.


George’s Greek Cafe on Pine Avenue. Photo by Thomas Cordova.
George’s Greek Cafe

5316 E. Second St.; 562-433-1755 and 135 Pine Ave.; 562-437-1184 and 5252 Faculty Ave. in Lakewood; 562-529-5800

Perks: George and Rodoula were always there when we needed him—it’s time to have their backs

The passing of the George’s Greek Cafe’s patriarch and matriarch, George and Rodoula Loizides, left a huge hole in our community’s food scene—but the restaurants live on past their deaths. Each are open from 11 a.m to 8:30 p.m. daily with free delivery from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. You can call, order on their website, or use Postmates or Door Dash.

Free kids meal with any adult meal purchase.

If an elderly person needs food delivered and is having trouble with money or access to groceries, they will either discount or give for free depending on the situation.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Reginald J.
The Green Olive Mediterranean Cuisine

3580 Long Beach Blvd.; 562-912-7030

Free delivery will be offered through Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub. Menu available here.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Huy T.
Goyen Sushi

4905 E. Second St.; 562-434-5757

Fresh sushi and even vegan rolls on top of ramen dishes make Goyen a stand-out to kill your sushi cravings. Delivery available through GrubHub, Postmates, and Ubereats.


Downtown Long Beach's Gu Ramen, based out of Laguna Beach, and their bowl of Hakata ramen. Photo by Brian Addison.
Downtown Long Beach’s Gu Ramen, based out of Laguna Beach, and their bowl of Hakata ramen. Photo by Brian Addison.
Gu Ramen

108 W. Third St.; 562-435-1135

Perks: Ramen—duh

Gu Ramen & Tapas is offering pick up or call in. Available on Door Dash or Postmates.

For Brian Addison’s guide to ramen in the city, click here.


Arturo Enciso sprays water into a bread oven to create steam for the baking process.
Gusto Bread

Online:; 562-856-8000

Perks: Some of the best bread in the region delivered to your door

Though Arturo and his team will be skipping out on the farmers markets, they will continue baking on Wednesdays and Sundays for pre-orders only for delivery or take-away options via their online ordering system.  Due to overwhelming demand, they are only allowing pre-orders for one bake day at a time. Sunday pre-orders open now through Friday, then Wednesday pre-orders open Saturday through Monday.  

For Managing Editor Melissa Evans’ story on baking with Arturo, click here.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Chuck S.
Gypsy’s Persian Grill

29 S. 39th Pl.; 562-856-8000

Perks: Underrated Persian food delivered to your door

Underrated on a level that is likely to force me to add to my Underrated list this year, this Belmont Shore gem has been serving stellar food from the Levantine for over a decade. Pick-up or delivery via GrubHub.


Hamburger Mary’s in Long Beach Thursday, Dec 27, 2019. Photo by Thomas R. Cordova.
Hamburger Mary’s (CLOSED)

330 Pine Ave.,; 562-436-7900


An array of carb-y, sugar-y, breakfast goodness courtesy of Happy Cow Kitchen. Photo by Brian Addison.
Happy Cow Kitchen

371 Redondo Ave., Suite C

Perks: Some of the city’s best baked goods

Happy Cow Kitchen has always kept it old-school: no wifi, no complex menu and seemingly eschewing a hipster vibe on every level, owner and baker Claudette Pentz offers up incredible baked goods every weekend—and will continue that tradition with take-out only on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You can find little wonders—her cream horns are cream cheese-y stuffed little wonders while decadent offerings like her buttery strawberry and almond croissant put most others to shame—or you can go full sit down and have a genuinely solid breakfast or lunch.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Nana L.
Hof’s Hut

2147 N. Bellflower Blvd.; 562-597-5811

A SoCal institution that has slowly seen its presence shrunk as the group that owns it focuses on the more contemporary chains its owns like Lucille’s, the Long Bech location still makes pies and cakes on the daily while offering diner fare. Available on Door Dash and Ubereats.


Courtesy of Hungry Angelina.
Hungry Angelina (CLOSED)

6400 E Pacific Coast Highway; 562-247-7272

After initially trying to remain open with take-out, Hungry Angelina is closing up shop until further notice.


Entryway into JADE. Courtesy of Rod Frontino.
JADE on the Water

6380 Pacific Coast Highway; 562-430-1111

Perks: Free kids meals and egg rolls plus 50% off sake

Jade, having just taken over the massive Forbidden Palace space last year, is offering their entire menu for pick-up/delivery/to-go. Their offerings are available on GrubHub, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and Postmates. Even better, they have free egg rolls with every delivery and 50% off all bottles of wine and sake to-go. Also, kids meals are free.


The French toast at Jongewaard’s Bake n Broil. Photo courtesy of Yelp!/Maria V.
Jongewaard’s Bake n Broil

3697 Atlantic Ave.; 562-595-0396

Perks: One of the city’s most famed bakeries and restaurants

Bake n Broil will have a take-out only option offering their full menu available. Full menu available here.

To look at Bake n Broil’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Shane H.
K.C. Branaghan’s (CLOSED)

5734 E. Second St.; 562-434-3600

The Irish pub staple in Naples will remain closed until at least Mar. 31


Aguas fresca and non-guisado offerings are also offered at La Chancla. Photo by Brian Addison.
La Chancla Mexican Grill

990 Cherry Ave., #102; 562-248-2741

Perks: Guisados delivered in $20 family packs

La Chancla is offering a $20 package that includes one pound of any Guisado or meat—that includes chicharrones, lengua, chile verde, chicken mole, chicken tikka, and more—one pound of rice, one pound of beans, all accompanied with their fantastic handmade tortillas and salsa. Call to make an order.

To see Brian Addison’s piece about La Chancla and the family behind its operations, click here.


A classic margherita pizza from La Parolaccia. Photo by Brian Addison.
La Parolaccia Osteria Italiana 

2945 E. Broadway; 562-438-1235

Owner Michael Procaccini has always slung some of the city’s best pizzas—and now, he will have to do it to-go for the first time, an endeavor he is confident will be possible.

To look at La Parolaccia’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Gerry B.
La Strada

4716 E. Second St.; 562-433-8100

Perks: Free roll of toilet paper if you need

Owner Lisa Ramelow and her La Strada Italian restaurant have long been a staple in Belmont Shore—and to keep patrons coming, she’s offering 50% off any bottle of wine with any order and free delivery within three miles. Also, you can have a free roll of toilet paper if in need.


A dinner from Lacquered. Courtesy of Yelp!/Cindy F.

3632 E. Broadway; 562-881-8105

Perks: Chicken meatballs and garlic noodles—you’ll want them

Owner and chef Diana Vu is not only offering her already-solid menu but an organic chicken meatball and garlic noodle special.

“I have reserved the loading zone in front of the restaurant for pick-ups,” Vu said. “When putting an order through phone, we can text you for when it’s ready. We use Postmates, Grubhub, Door Dash and $5 delivery through Maritime.”


Liberation Brewing Company will host Beer & Politics event on Aug. 29.
Liberation Brewing Company will host Beer & Politics event on April 25.
Liberation Brewing Co. 

3630 Atlantic Ave.; 562-349-0133

Perks: Beers to-go, of course

One of our most underrated breweries for your thirst-trapped needs. 32-ounce crowlers are being offered as singles or a three-pack while any growlers between 32 or 64 ounces will be filled New takeout hours are from noon to 8 p.m. daily and you can preorder online by clicking here.


The potato taco and chile relleno plate at Linda's Mexican Delights. Courtesy of Ray Lasher/OC Register.
The potato taco and chile relleno plate at Linda’s Mexican Delights. Courtesy of Ray Lasher/OC Register.
Linda’s Mexican Delights

951 Redondo Ave.; 562-439-2121

Owner Linda Silva has this message for patrons: “Linda’s Mexican Delights is open for take out or curbside pick up. Full menu is available! If you can’t stop by during the week, we hope to see you this weekend to pick up some delicious menudo!”


Little Vice (CLOSED)

3317 E. Seventh St.; 562-343-7157

Due to the inability of take-out to cover operating costs, owner Dakotah Challacombe says Little Vice will remain closed.


Lola’s Mexican Cuisine

2030 E. Fourth St.; 562-343-5506 and 4140 Atlantic Ave.; 562-349-0100

Perks: Taco and enchilada packages that are customizable

A $75, six-person taco package include three pounds each of chicken and asada (or Impossible vegan crumble meat and veggies) along with tortillas, onions, cilantro, three pounds of rice, three pounds of beans, 32 ounces of salsa, and chips.

Their six-person, $65 enchilada pack includes 20 enchiladas of your choice, three pounds of rice, three pounds of beans, 32 ounces of salsa, and chips.

All options can be made vegan, gluten-free or lactose intolerant friendly.

To look at Lola’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Long Beach Beer Lab

518 W. Willow St.; 562-270-3253

Perks: License allows them to sell beer to-go

With a newly minted online store, owners Levi Fried and Harmony Sage offer pizza and beer to-go or for pick-up. Sage’s pizzas are spectacular, with an extensive list of vegan offerings that are nothing short of impressive as are her delicious oddities like her wonderful blue cheese and walnut pizza. Sandwiches? Wonderful. Soups? Awesome. Her food overall? Underrated and damn tasty, with or without a beer.


Long Beach Coffee & Tea’s owners, Tom West [left] and Shannon Francis [right]. Photo by Brian Addison.
Long Beach Coffee & Tea

480 Pine Ave.; 562-619-8299

Perks: Delivery can include essentials like toilet paper

If you don’t know, Long Beach Coffee & Tea is distinct for a handful of reason: They’re ran by military veterans, they’re LGBTQ+-friendly, and they’re our neighbors. Meet Tom West and Shannon Francis, the pair behind the caffeinated church meets sammie shop.

They’ll be handling online delivery from their website themselves and, fun fact, they’ll deliver essentials like toilet paper—just ask. 

“Pork belly skewers are back by popular demand $5 each,” said Francis. “Call or text ahead for pickup. We also have fresh small batch roasted coffee available on our site by the pound; we have a one-time purchase or subscription method available and can ship anywhere in the US. And when you order for local delivery, you get $2 off.”


Courtesy of Long Beach Creamery.
Long Beach Creamery

4141 Long Beach Blvd.; 562-513-3493 and 222 E. Broadway; 562-435-0515

Perks: Local ice cream—duh

Long Beach Creamery owner Dina Amadril has not only builty a mini-ice cream empire with her two locations in Bixby Knolls and Downtown, her ice cream is simply stellar. Each shop is open during regular for take-out and delivery through Postmates and Grubhub.

UPDATE: Call each shop for hours; they are now limited and vary.


Loose Leaf Boba Company offers milk teas and more in DTLB. Photo by Brian Addison.
Loose Leaf Boba Company offers milk teas and more in DTLB. Photo by Brian Addison.
Loose Leaf Boba Company

315 The Promenade N.; 562-435-1559

Perks: Boba—because it’s awesome

Downtown’s sole source for in-house boba will continue pickups for those in need of milk tea, boba, lychee jelly cubes, and more. Full menu available here.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Vince C.

101 Pine Ave.; 562-491-0066

After initially opting to close, L’Opera has decided to re-open and offer a special take-out/delivery menu, according to Event Coordinator Justine Nevarez. Click here for the full menu.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Pauline L.
Los Compadres

3229 E. Anaheim St.; 562-961-0061 and 1144 Pine Ave.; 562-432-0061

Perks: Some of the best caldo de pollo or res (both locations) and pozole (Downtown location only)—with 20% off all orders

Los Compadres is easily one of Long Beach’s most well-known and respected staples. From their handmade tortillas to stellar mariscos, it could be said that Los Compadres helped us appreciate quality Mexican food beyond the trucks and grab-and-go taquerias. Even better, they are offering 20% off all orders and free local delivery. Online ordering is available through their website.


A macchiato from Lord Windsor. Photo by Brian Addison.
Lord Windsor

1101 E. Third Street.; 562-901-0001

Perks: Locally roasted beans with no delivery fee (as always with Lord Windsor)

Coffee shops are like restaurants right now: Unlike bars, they can serve to-go drinks and, as a perk, give you coffee beans on your way home. Lord Windsor is no exception. From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., they be open every day until further notice. All drink options on their website are also available for mobile ordering. And, of course, coffee beans are available for free delivery (as is their motto).


The al pastor pulpo at Lupes. Photo by Brian Addison.

Lupe’s: 301 The Promenade N.; 562-436-4344 and Ellie’s: 204 Orange Ave.; 562-437-4837

Perks: Some of the city’s best food delivered to your door

Chef Jason Witzl of Ellie’s and Lupe’s is facing a rough week: Having to let go of 80 staff members, he and his team are trying to figure out how to best maneuver the food landscape freshly after opening one of the city’s largest restaurant spaces, Lupe’s, in Downtown. 

To view the two restaurants’ combination menu that begins Friday, Mar. 20, click here.

For Brian Addison’s review of Ellie’s, click here. For Brian Addison’s review of Lupe’s, click here.  To look at Ellie’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Manaow’s miang kham. Courtesy of Yelp!/Ds N.

3618 E. Broadway; 562-433-2574

Perks: Some of the city’s best Thai food

Tucked between a liquor store and a laundromat, sits one of Long Beach’s shining example of Thai restaurants.

Unassuming and solid, the family of Pungauthaikans—led by mom-and-daughter team Nitaya and Parry—have created a neighborhood spot that creates consistently warming, heartfelt dishes which harken to their Thai heritage while using local resources.

Call for pick-up only; no delivery being offered.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Mickey H.
The Merchant

4121 Long Beach Blvd.; 562-317-5155

Perks: Bread—and lots of it

Finding trouble finding bread at the grocery store? Consider stopping by The Merchant as they will be ramping up bread production Monday through Sunday. As of now, it’ll be baguettes and loaves of milk bread, challah, bordelaise, with a small selection of pastries. Storefront is still open but to-go, card transactions only. Order online with DoorDash.


The tagliatelle bolognese at Michael’s Downtown. Photo by Brian Addison.
Michael’s Downtown

210 E. Third St.; 562-491-2100

Perks: Beer and wine to go; gift card bonuses

Buy a gift card and receive a 20% bonus gift card from Michael’s Downtown. Also, their Margarita Monday special—buy one pizza, get a margarita pizza for free—is available now all the time. With delivery of alcohol available, they are doing 50% off bottles of wine for now for pick-up and delivery.

To look at Michael’s Downtown’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Stuffed rabbit sausage at Michael’s on Naples. Photo by Brian Addison.
Michael’s on Naples

5620 E. Second St.; 562-439-7080

Perks: A $45 curbside prix-fixe menu with multiple choices plus family packs

Michael’s on Naples is offering something pretty great: a $45, pick-your-options prix-fixe dinner. To view the full menu of options, click here. They will also be offering a $100 family pack that includes a tray of pasta of your choice, organic salad tray, and housemade almond cake. 

“We are trying hard to serve the community on this part of town and frankly to survive with take-out and pick-up curbside,” said General Manager Massimo Aronne. 

To look at Michael’s on Naples feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Courtesy of MIXX Kitchen.
MIXX Kitchen

3853 Atlantic Ave.; 562-336-1037

Perks: 15% off all orders for the next two weeks.

For the next two weeks, this Bixby Knolls restaurant will have all take out orders at 15% off. Menu available here. Available on GrubHub, DoorDash, and Seamless.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Jeff V.
Naree Thai

555 E. Ocean Blvd., #101; 562-495-5988

Perks: Pooling tips to help servers

Per owner Pawina Norasing, “Thank you for supporting our business.Y our business is appreciated to our servers, driver, chef, and dishwashers. The servers will take turns to come pick up the phone call or delivery food to keep up working hours. We use our employees to delivery your food to keep their job. All delivery and take out tips will be pooled between drivers and servers that pick up your phone call. The pick-up station have hand sanitizer. All pens and menus will be sanitized after use each time.”


Courtesy of Noble Rotisserie.
Noble Bird Rotisserie

6460 Pacific Coast Highway, #125; 562-431-0445

Perks: $40 meals for four

Two options for this chicken rotisserie kingdom for $40, each of which feed four. Option 1: One whole rotisserie chicken; any two sides; half baguette; Brownie Bark. Option 2: Half a rotisserie chicken; Farmer’s Market salad; any two sides; half baguette; Brownie Bark. Orders can be phoned in for convenient grab-and-go takeout. They are in the midst of setting up a curbside pickup zone outside their restaurant with “no contact” pickup. A staffer with gloved hands will walk over to the customers in their vehicle and can put the food directly into their trunk or passenger side-seat to ensure no contact if requested.


Nomad Asian Bistro. Courtesy of Yelp!/Naveen W.
Nomad Asian Bistro

6563 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.; 562-430-6888

Perks: The city’s best Chinese food, including Uyghur food

There’s a special place Nomad sits on the Chinese food scale in Long Beach: it’s the best. There’s really nothing more to say. Order it now. Call for pick-up or get delivered through Postmates and Door Dash.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Shane H.
Omelette Inn

318 Pine Ave.; 562-437-5625

Perks: Early bird specials all day

My name is Alma Anguiano and I am writing to you on behalf of The Omelette Inn – we are located in downtown Long Beach, 318 Pine Avenue. “We are currently serving take out only and we are affiliated with Postmates and GrubHub,” said owner Alma Anguiano. “Our full menu is available during this time from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. We do offer early bird specials, usually they are offered till 9 a.m., but we will be serving them all day for the time being.”


The Ordinarie’s lobster roll. Photo by Brian Addison.
The Ordinarie

210 The Promenade N.; 562-676-4261

Perks: Beer and wine to-go

Classic, quality American comfort food, The Ordinarie has become both a Downtown and citywide staple with its stellar bar program and creative but classic menu. They will be offering delivery through local delivery service Maritime and take-out from noon to 8 p.m. daily. You can also order online.


Courtesy Facebook/Padre.

525 E. Broadway; 562-612-4951

Perks: Taco packages and mimosas to go

Padre is offering a $50 Taco package that includes eight tacos, six Modelos, guacamole, chips & salsa. That package is $40 on Tuesdays. Also, they’re offering a St. Patrick’s Day Combo all week: three corned beed tacos with sauerkraut & potatoes and a 12-ounce  can of Death By Coconut, an Irish-style porter. Select beer and wine for takeaway and delivery on Postmates starting at $4. Weekend Mimosa special: Buy three entrees between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and they’ll throw in a bottle of champagne and an orange juice carafe


Courtesy of Yelp!/Jessica H.
The Pan

3550 Long Beach Blvd.; 562-490-0700

Perks: Breakfast delivered

The Pan, the breakfast and lunch-centric Bixby Knolls staple, will only be doing take-out and phone orders. They will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and ordering is encouraged through DoorDash, Postmates, ChowNow, or Uber Eats or a call into the restaurant. Menu can be viewed here.


Courtesy of Parker’s Lighthouse.
Parker’s Lighthouse

435 Shoreline Dr.; 562-432-6500

Parker’s Lighthouse will have to-go menu options available daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Menu can be viewed here.


Image courtesy The Pie Bar.
The Pie Bar

3550 Long Beach Blvd.; 562-444-8743

Perks: Pie—duh

Owner Laurie Gray is remaining open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. for take out, delivery via Postmates or curbside pick-up.

“Call the shop and I’ll bring your order out to you,” Gray said. “I’d love to see your faces!”


Pier 76’s moules frites. Photo by Brian Addison.
Pier 76

95 Pine Ave.; 562-983-1776

Perks: Some of the city’s best grilled fish—and a dozen eggs for those in need

“We are offering delivering in-house and through all major delivery apps. We are also doing curbside as well. If you want, you can also pull into the parking structure and we will bring it out and validate,” said owner Chris Krajacic.

 Delivery does have a radius but for the most part, covers the Greater Long Beach area.

Even better? Krajacic will be handing out a dozen eggs to any family that needs them.


The pulpo plate from Playa Amor. Photo by Brian Addison.
Playa Amor (CLOSED)

6527 E. Pacific Coast Highway; 562-430-2667

Chef Thomas Ortega will be fully closing both of Amor Familia locations in Long Beach, Amorcito and Playa Amor.

To look at Playa Amor’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


The house special at Phnom Penh Noodle Shack. Photo by Viram P.
Phnom Penh Noodle Shack

1644 Cherry Ave.; 562-433-0032

Perks: The city’s best Cambodian food

Cambodian food in Long Beach is more than a cuisine. It is the essence of a community that was nearly annihilated from history due to a genocide that forced them to leave their country and make Long Beach their home. It’s more than a cup of noodles; it’s a beautiful display of culinary art and cultural resilience. They deserve our patronage. Call for take-out or delivery through Door Dash and Postmates.


Courtesy of Polly’s Pies.
Polly’s Pies

4680 E Los Coyotes Diagonal; 562-597-6076 and 3490 Atlantic Ave.; 562-595-5651

Online ordering, currently offering take-out, NEW curbside pickup, and FREE delivery with DoorDash.

You can also order family style meals to go (perfect for 4 or more), Polly’s Signature Coffee and whole roasted coffee beans, and pantry staples like freshly baked bread loaves, jams, apple butter, and more. To view our full menu or place an order visit, or call ahead for takeout and curbside pickup.


Master distiller Simon Haxton holds one of his sanitizer creations. Courtesy of Portuguese Bend.
Portuguese Bend

300 The Promenade N.; 562-435-4411

Perks: Free house-made hand sanitizer with certain purchase

Chef Luis Navarro, creative mastermind Brenda Rivera, and distiller Simon Haxton opened Long Beach’s first distillery nearly a year ago—and they don’t plan on going anywhere. Haxton has created a house-made hand sanitizer—no more Purel shortages!—that accompany any liquor bottle purchase or $30 take-out or to-go order. They also just updated their entire menu.

To look at Portuguese Bend’s feature in Brian Addison’s Best Restaurants in Long Beach list, click here.


Courtesy of The Potholder.
The Potholder Cafe

Multiple locations:3700 E. Broadway; 562-433-9305 – 310 W. Broadway; 562-432-6824 – 2246 N. Lakewood Blvd.; 562-494-9400 – 5008 Katella Ave. in Los Alamitos; 562-431-1165

Perks: Breakfast all day, every day

“We are open for takeout and curbside pickup orders only,” said Angela De La Cruz of The Potholder. “Belmont Heights and our Downtown locations will remain open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Our Traffic Circle and Los Alamitos locations will remain open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.⁠”

Delivery is also available via Postmates. 


Up front in a vegan “grazing table” is a lentil and mushroom pâté. Photo by Brian Addison.
Primal Alchemy Provisions


Perks: One of the city’s finest catering companies—for your dining table

Primal Alchemy owners Dana and Chef Paul Buchanan have been through a lot—after all, they’ve been serving the Long Beach community for decades. Given the times, they are offering both omnivore and vegan meal packages that are both easy to heat and serve at home. They will deliver to your porch or you can partake in curbside pickup at their kitchen. Click here to order. 

“With social distancing in effect, you’ll get a friendly wave from our in-house delivery or kitchen staff and a healthy meal to keep you and your family fed during these challenging times,” said Dana. “Just throw the pans in the oven and toss the salad. Voila.”


The Piedmont Burger at Prime by Shenandoah. Courtesy of Edwin Goei/OC Weekly.
The Piedmont Burger at Prime by Shenandoah. Photo by Edwin Goe.
Prime by Shenandoah

3701 E. Fourth Street; 562-439-0605

As each year passes since Prime has been open, I remain entirely miffed that it is not constantly mentioned as much as other Fourth Street hubs like its neighbor, Coffee Cup Cafe, or Taqueria La Mexicana or Lola’s or…

Here, they have happily married Mexican food with some Southern grub love; we’re talking brisket tamales, mac y chorizo, “boaritas” tacos, and green chorizo quesadillas. Prime offers spectacularly quality food with near-overwhelming kind service.

Call for pick-up or delivery through GrubHub and Door Dash.


Courtesy of Q Smokehouse.
Q Smokehouse

300 S. Pine Ave.; 562-436-9260

The Downtown barbecue joint will offer curbside, take-out, and delivery while offering multiple specials: 

  • 3 Sandwiches w/side $30
  • $10 off Pitmaster ½ Smoke
  • $20 off Pitmaster Full Smoke
  • 15% off Meat by the pound and sides by the Quart
  • Free kids meal with purchase of any regular priced entrée


Courtesy of Rance’s Chicago Pizza.
Rance’s Chicago Pizza

5258 E. Second St.; 562-786-5566

Perks: Chicago deep-dish pizza—plus 15% off online orders

There are fewer divisions in the food world than the one over whether Chicago-style pizza is actual pizza—and then what constitutes good Chicago-style pizza within that division. I am, by no means, a Chicago pizza expert but Rance’s for sure kills the craving. 

Call for pick-up or delivery; delivery also available through Postmates, GrubHub, and Door Dash. Use promo code ‘deepdish’ to receive 15% off.


Courtesy of Rasselbock.
Rasselbock Kitchen & Beer Garden

4020 Atlantic Ave.; 562-912-4949

While we are sad Rasselbock’s kid-friendly patio will no longer be able to provide parents with a bit of respite, they will have delivery and pick up available from 5 p.m. to  9 p.m. Call directly or use Seamless and Postmates to place an order. Menu available here


An array of juices from Rainbow Juices. Photo by Brian Addison.
Rainbow Juices

246 E. Third St.; 562-912-4281

Perks: Cold-pressed juices to perk your energy and immunity up (and raw food)

Rainbow Juices owners Dawna Bass and Chrissy Cox will continue to stay open, though their hours are just a little bit different: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“People can order directly through us for free delivery within a three mile radius, $5 fee after that and up to 10 miles with a $30 minimum order,” said Cox. “Orders can also be placed for delivery through Maritime Courier for $5. Postmates is also an option for delivery. Our door is a super large open garage door, so pick up is super easy.”

Under the Sun will be open as well—but the pair are not sure how long for. Hours as of now: Everyday from 11 a.m to 5 p.m.

“We are doing 10% off everything at Under the Sun,” Cox said. “Orders can be placed directly through us or for delivery with Maritime Courier. Grubhub and Postmates are also options for delivery.”


Recreational Coffee in Downtown Long Beach. Photo by Brian Addison.
Recreational Coffee (CLOSED)

327 Long Beach Blvd.; 562-436-4954

The caffeinated staple in Downtown has announced it will no longer continue operations during the mandate period. 


Rock Bottom Brewery

4020 Atlantic Ave.; 562-912-4949

Perks: 32- and 64-ounce beer growlers to go

Rock Bottom might seem corporate-y but they have been one of the first places to not only have a female master brewer but a key cog in shifting public perception about craft. On top of this, their take-out menu has options for the kids and everything from appetizers to entrees and desserts. Open daily for delivery and take-out noon to 8 p.m.


San Pedro Fish Market

6550 Marina Dr.; 562-606-0090

Perks: Family fish meals for $10

“San Pedro Fish Market is here to help make the time we’re confined to our homes a little better with a new offer,” said owner Mike Ungaro. “We’ve cut the price to the bare bones. Just enough to keep our employees working and our customers satisfied.”

$20 fish meal. Available through GrubHub.


The warm cauliflower salad at Seabirds Kitchen. Photo: @anna.pelzer
The warm cauliflower salad at Seabirds Kitchen. Photo: @anna.pelzer
Seabirds Kitchen

975 E. Fourth St.; 562-317-5545

Perks: The city’s best vegan food

Seabirds has a cult-like following and for good reason: The small shop off of Fourth Street, just a tad east of Alamitos, serves up some of the most quality vegan creations in the entire region, distinctly unique plates that are addictive and comforting.

Delivery via Door Dash and curbside pick-up via ChowHound.

For Brian Addison’s complete guide to vegan food in the city, click here.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Vivian L.
Shake Shack

6440 E. Pacific Coast Highway, #100; 562-380-2090

Shake Shack will shift to a to-go only operating model in all of its U.S. company-owned restaurants—including its relatively new Long Beach location. Guests will be able to place to-go orders in the restaurant, pre-order on, the Shack App for pickup, or order for delivery through Grubhub and Seamless in all cities, as well as other providers such as Postmates, DoorDash, Caviar and UberEats


Shoreline Village in Downtown Long Beach. Photo by Brian Addison.
Shoreline Village

429 Shoreline Village Dr.

Perks: Multiple spaces that can be picked up at once

One of Long Beach’s largest tourist spots, the following places will be open for delivery during limited hours:

  • Parkers’ Lighthouse – call in order 562-432-6500
  • Yardhouse – order at restaurant or call in 562-628-0455
  • Gilan Pizza and Mediterranean Grill – order at restaurant
  • Louisiana Charlie’s – order at restaurant
  • Tugboat Pete’s – order at window
  • The Funnel House – order at counter, or call in 562-901-1835
  • Ice Cream on the Boardwalk – order at counter or call in 562-495-0121
  • Tequila Jack’s – open 3/18/20, order at restaurant, call in 562-628-0454


Sideburns’ delicate and addicting fried cheese curds with house-made jalapeño ranch dressing. Photo by Brian Addison.

939 E. Fourth St.; 562-606-2529

Perks: Service industry workers pay what they can afford 

“Please support any locally-owned small business during this challenging time—we are all in this together,” said owner Brett Gallo, who also owns the neighboring Stache Bar.

This tiny-but-mighty food space has everything from stellar chicken sandwiches (crafted by none other than Chef Melissa Ortiz, who created the incredible chicken sandwich at Bamboo Club) to one of my personal favorites, deep-fried cheese curds (with housemade jalapeño ranch no less).

Call for pick-up or get delivered through Ubereats via Stache Bar account. Lunch served 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Dinner served 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Chris C.
Silverlake Ramen

4101 McGowen St., #150 ; 562-420-7422

Guests may choose either take out or delivery service. Place orders online or by phone or order through Uber Eats, Postmates, GrubHub or Doordash; curbside pick up also available—just ask.


The Social List’s Impossible Burger is one of the best vegan burgers around.
The Social List’s Impossible Burger is one of the best vegan burgers around.
The Social List (CLOSED)

2015 E. Fourth Street.; 562-433-5478

Owner Luis Navarro attempted to keep the spot open through delivery and a mini-market popup but has temporarily ceased all operations.


Courtesy of SteelCraft.

3768 Long Beach Blvd.

  • Steelhead Coffee: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Rainbow Juices: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • DeSano Pizza: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Waffle Love: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Tajima Ramen: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Pig Pen Delicacy: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Smog City Brewing: Noon to 8 p.m.
  • Rori’s Artisanal Creamery: Closed 
Courtesy of Super Mex.
Super Mex

732 E. First St.; 562-495-7872 and 4711 E. Second St.; 562-439-4489

Super Mex’s two Long Beach locations—Belmont Shore and Downtown—are currently offering takeout via call-in and walk-ins as well as delivery via GrubHub and Uber Eats. They are operating take out with normal business hours with the exception of closing an hour earlier on Friday and Saturday. Full menu being offered.


The mushroom and tofu soup from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House.
Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House

621 Atlantic Ave; 562-495-7872

Perks: Free delivery for Uber/call-in orders over $25

With an updated menu and plenty of vegan options—including, no joke, a stellar vegan shrimp Korean taco—Sura is easily one of Long Beach’s underrated gems. With options like yuk gae jang—the shop’s stellar spicy beef soup—and vegan broth-based mushroom and tofu soup, it’s perfect for the current weather and situation. Gift cards can also be purchased here.


Courtesy of Taboon Mediterranean.
Taboon Mediterranean

539 E. Bixby Rd.; 562-424-4774

Bixby Knolls’ Taboon Mediterranean is permitting order placing through its website or through GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmate or by calling them.


Nam Tok, or crispy cold beef salad, is one of Tasty Food to Go’s many highlights. 
Tasty Food to Go

2015 E. Tenth St.; 562-424-4774

Next door to Lam’s Barber & Beauty Salon is Lam’s Tasty Food to Go, situated just east of Cherry Avenue on 10th Street, and since opening some three years ago, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite go-tos for Lao and Thai food. In fact, it will have a spot on my annual Underrated List this year.

And while Lam is the face of the outlet, it is his aunt and uncle—mortaring spices, chopping vegetables, ladling scores of various liquids—that are the masters in the tiny-but-mighty kitchen that churns out the very specific, 24-item menu represented by each numbered plate photographed and framed on the wall.

Feel free to call and order ahead for pick-up.



Ten Mile Brewing

1136 E. Willow St., Signal Hill; 562-612-1255

Perks: Beer to-go—duh

Get your growler filled plus free delivery to radius around Signal Hill.


Courtesy of Thai Silk.
Thai Silk

1506 E. Broadway; 562-628-2424

Thai Silk will be offering free delivery until April 15 via online and call-ins. Takeout order and curbside pickup are available; just specify. 


A torta ahogada from Tortas Tobolá. Photo by Manuel Bañuelos.
Tortas Tobalá

Online only through Postmates and GrubHub

Perks: Some of the city’s best tortas

For those who ever stumbled into Lynwood’s Balam when Chef Manuel Bañuelos was heading the space, they understood one thing: It was certainly one of the area’s best tortas.

Now in a partnership with Long Beach Beer Lab to create a local version of birote salado —basically a longer, bigger version of a bolillo—Bañuelos is once again creating his torta magic out of the cloud kitchen he runs on Daisy Avenue in Downtown. 

Get one.


Courtesy of Urban Plates.
Urban Plates

6440 E. Pacific Coast Highway, #175; 562-512-1608

Urban Plates is offering free delivery on Door Dash and its online ordering for pick up. Take out options now include “Express Pick-Up” which is a no-contact pick-up where food is sealed for safety and placed on a shelf for easy grab-and-go. All catering and large group meals can now be individually packaged, per serving, at no additional cost; call 800-652-4788 to reach an Urban Plates catering team member to assure you receive food in the style you want and need.


Courtesy of Yelp!/Maharlika P.
Water’s Edge Winery

217 Pine Ave.; 833-334-9463

Water’s Edge will have curbside pick up Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Courtesy of Willmore Wine Bar.
Willmore Wine Bar

3848 Atlantic Ave; 562-492-5951

Perks: Wine—duh

Willmore Wine Bar can have patrons take their wine and beer to go. Paired with a small  take-out menu, they will also deliver within a five-mile radius. Until further notice, they will be open from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. daily. You can view their menu by clicking here.