Long Beachers with a keen eye might notice that Green Day’s latest music video, released Thursday, was filmed inside a local venue and popular Zaferia bar.

The alcohol- (and cocaine) fueled video for the band’s single, “Dilemma,” was filmed inside Alex’s Bar. The iconic local watering hole is no stranger to the limelight, having served as a filming location for “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny” and HBO’s “True Blood.”

“It was such a blast,” owner Alex Hernandez said Thursday, adding the the video was shot Tuesday, Nov. 28.

The music video’s director, Ryan Baxley, is friends with the venue’s talent buyer Nick Aguilar, Hernandez said, explaining how the shoot came to be.

“When you get that call, you kind of stop everything and are like, ‘Holy sh–,” Hernandez said with a laugh.

Green Day play on the Alex’s Bar stage during its “Dilemma” music video. Screenshot.

The video is one big party, with the band playing backdropped by the venue’s red velvet wall hangings with a sea of lights hanging over the crowd. Other tell-tale signs of Alex’s can be seen throughout the video, including its iconic wall art, a sign in the men’s room that reads “please don’t do cocaine in the bathroom” — which is, of course, ignored in the video.

And, of course, no proper night spent at Alex’s Bar would be complete without visiting the photobooth, which the band steps into for their souvenir photo-strip, donning the bar’s name.

The band Green Day used the Alex’s Bar photobooth during its newest music video. Screenshot.

This was not Green Day’s first visit to Alex’s Bar. The band played a secret show in 2007 following the release of an album from Foxboro Hot Tubs, the group’s side project, Hernandez said.

“That show was one of the craziest things we’ve ever put on,” he said. “It was like a high school party that everyone found out about and fu—– got super out of control.”

A sign hanging in the Alex’s Bar bathroom as soon in the latest Green Day music video. Screenshot.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated with comments from Alex Hernandez, owner of Alex’s Bar. 

Brandon Richardson is a reporter and photojournalist for the Long Beach Post and Long Beach Business Journal.