Local Artist Using BLACK PANTHER Challenge To Spread Positive Imagery to Underprivileged Students

Local artist, Senay Kenfe, started his own GoFundMe page with the simple goal of raising enough money to allow 50 kids from Central Long Beach to go to a showing of the movie for free. When he hit his initial goal he upped it to 100. Just days into his campaign, and with money trickling in, he said the time has come to be aggressive. He wants to hit 500.

New Storytelling Series Allows Speakers to Heal Through Sharing

Ernesto Rocha and Abril Harris have been friends since middle school. They both ended up going into the field of social work and both have compelling stories that helped shape who they are. However, it was the inability for Rocha to share his story at a much more prominent storytelling platform that led to the duo forming a new monthly series in Long Beach.