Breakfast Bar's signage at its Downtown location. Courtesy of Yelp!/Cici M.

There’s no major debate that The Breakfast Bar is one of the most popular and respected breakfast joints in the city: It’s been named by Yelp! as one of the 100 Best Brunch Spots in the United States, it’s been featured on our Essential Breakfast Joints list, and it’s just generally adored by the community, especially in the Downtown.

Now, owners Pam and Joshua Beadel hope to expand their popularity further with the opening of their second location, set to take over the former Francelli’s space (which closed recently) near the southeast corner Fourth Street and Redondo Avenue.

“We are so excited,” Pam said. “Josh has been looking for a new spot for two years—and this was just the perfect second location for us. We have keys and the old restaurant is cleared out; all we’re really waiting on is the asbestos results.”

With hopes to be open by December, they plan on having operating hours as follows: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday while weekends will have service from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

Yes, that means breakfast for dinner.

When The Breakfast Bar opened in 2013—in a joint that once tried to create a Margaritaville-like space complete with tinted windows, fake straw hut roofing, and a complete lack of tact—Long Beach didn’t quite know what they were getting.

The Breakfast Bar is the place you go to get breakfast food you can’t get elsewhere. Their Hung Over plate—a dish of fries slathered in gravy, eggs, sausage, pico de gallo, and sour cream—is nothing short of wondrous (and acts very Hair of the Dog-ish when paired with one of their breakfast Mai Tais or mimosas).

Uncle Marcee’s Omelet Casserole—a dish that is prepared a day ahead—is worth every eggy, cheesy bite. Hell, even their Naked Cakes—whole wheat berries freshly ground, blended with buttermilk, and stacked after grilling—are easily the best pancakes in DTLB.

In other words, it will be a welcomed addition to the nearby breakfast joints like Coffee Cup Cafe and serve as an offshoot for those unwilling to wait during The Attic’s packed brunch hours.

Brian Addison is a columnist and editor for the Long Beach Post. Reach him at [email protected] or on social media at FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.