One of the best ways to enjoy pizza is by grabbing a quick slice, especially after a night out.

It’s where the late-night New York tradition meets the noncommittal simplicity of grabbing a piece (or two) of your favorite pie without having to lug home leftovers.

But as it turns out, not every pizza joint in Long Beach offers this easy option. Luckily, I’ve found five places that I’m particularly fond of that offer by-the-slice orders—and it just so happens that they’re all on Fourth Street.

Milana’s New York Pizzeria 165 E Fourth Street

Tucked in a corner in the City Place shopping center on Fourth and Promenade, Milana’s is true to its name. It’s a New York-style pizzeria complete with subway platform signs and iconic photographs of New York City celebrities and Americana memorabilia. And they’ve got more than just pepperoni or cheese up for grabs. Try any one of their pizza window slices, or mix and match two for just $12. I’d recommend the Margherita and Spicy Italian.

See this video on Instagram of when I visited recently.

A slice of Margherita and Spicy Italian from Milana’s New York Pizzeria. Photo by Jake Gotta.

4th Horseman 121 W Fourth Street

All in on the gothic horror theme, 4th Horseman quickly became a local favorite since it opened in 2018 in the historic Walker Building between Pine and Pacific in Downtown. It’s as much a bar as it is a pizza joint, serving tons of local brews and plenty from around Southern California. And the $6 pepperoni slice doesn’t disappoint. Just an FYI, this place is 21 and up.

A slice of pepperoni from 4th Horseman. Photo by Jake Gotta.

Canadian Pizza1241 E Fourth Street

Canadian Pizza on Fourth and Almond is a Long Beach staple, but not everybody knows you can get it by the slice, and that’s probably because their slice deal isn’t actually on the menu. But if you walk (or call) in and ask for a slice, it’s $3.75 for a pepperoni, or you can get two and a can of soda for $7.99.

The two-slice combo at Canadian Pizza. Photo by Jake Gotta

Little Coyote 2118 E Fourth Street

A fan favorite on Retro Row, this pizza place does by the slice until 2 p.m. and ‘grandma squares’ all day. Open since 2018, Little Coyote says their New York-style pizza is “made the old school way,” and offers $5 slices of cheese, pepperoni and white pies. Below is one of their ‘grandma’s squares’

One of ‘grandma’s squares’ at Little Coyote. Photo by Jake Gotta.

Speak Cheezy – 3950 E Fourth Street

Recently named one of WaPo’s Best Pizza’s in America, Speak Cheezy became one of the newest pizza hangouts in the LBC after they traded their van for a brick-and-mortar about a year and a half ago. One of the few sourdough pizza makers in L.A. County, they also have a unique ingredient-forward style featuring lots of interesting combinations like the mushroom and truffle (“Truffle Shuffle”), the rosemary and pistachio (Pizzeria Bianco’s Rosa pizza), or the Tye Dye, topped with a vodka pesto swirl and burrata cheese.  They also have a two-for-$12 deal for slices from their pizza window. Below you can see a slice of the Truffle Shuffle and the LBC.

A slice of the Truffle Shuffle and the LBC pies at Speak Cheesy on Fourth Street. Photo by Jake Gotta