Today is National Pizza Day, a time to indulge in the crispy, gooey national obsession. Whether it’s your cheat day or the fifth time you’ve had a slice for dinner this week, you’ll find lots of pizza spots in Long Beach for any occasion. Here are five suggestions.

The ambiance: The 4th Horsemen

Welcome to the dark and gluttonous world of Downtown Long Beach's 4th Horseman. Photo by Brian Addison.
Welcome to the dark and gluttonous world of Downtown Long Beach’s 4th Horseman. Photo by Brian Addison.

An ode to horror films and all things macabre, 4th Horseman apocalyptic pizza is the newest haunt to creep the streets of downtown. Sit down in the dark space adorned with art including shrunken heads, vintage monster posters and old television sets blasting static. And while you won’t be able to actually sit down to eat your pie, you can still soak in all the gory gorgeousness to and from your walk to the counter.

All the pizzas have names to match the restaurant’s vibe, with “Death to Piggy”—classic meat lovers—“Pastrami Dearest”—a Reuben sandwich in pizza form—and “Memento Mori”—a Korean fusion masterpiece with beef bulgogi and kimchi.

We also can’t forget the sprawling beer selection on tap, from quality local craft brewers to your standard Miller High Life, this place has the perfect beverage to pair with your pie.

Located at 121 W. Fourth Street, Long Beach, (562) 513-3394

On a budget: Deli News Pizza

It’s greasy, inexpensive and always good.

For the past two decades, Deli News has been saving the pennies and stuffing the faces of broke students and on-a-budget families dining in East Long Beach. Located in the Los Altos Shopping center, just a four-minute car-ride from the Cal State Long Beach campus, its student clientele is arguably what keeps this hidden gem afloat.

With massive portion sizes and prices so low you might wonder if the whole menu is a misprint, the restaurant boasts its ability to feed a family of four for under $25. The pizzas are baked in a standard range of sizes (small, medium, large and extra large) with the extra large able to serve four people—or three depending on your PPI (Personal Pizza Intake). While they do charge for extra toppings, they don’t skimp, and the mozzarella is always so gooey it can feel impossible to tear a slice away from its whole.

Located at 5555 Stearns St. Suite #104 Long Beach, (562) 598-2123

The newest fad: Little Coyote

This New York-style, by-the-slice, family-oriented pizza place opened last summer has become the newest trend spot in Retro Row.

“Think Pizza Hut from the ’80s with a little more class and finesse,” owner Jonathan Strader told the Post in June.

Try the classic pepperoni, the fancy “white pie”—spinach, ricotta, garlic, onion—or go healthy with the vegetarian or vegan pies.

Located at 2118 E. Fourth St., Retro Row,  562-434-2009, or visit them here.

Deep dish fix: 5,000 Pies

Soft, thick crusted and stuffed to the core, 5,000 Pies may be the answer to your Chicago-style pie cravings. Each pizza and pie (savory or sweet) at this take-out only pizzeria is hand-crafted and made from scratch, so make sure to call ahead as each deep dish requires nearly an hour to make.

Their menu, minimalist at heart, allows you to exercise your own creativity with a build-your-own, three-topping deep dish; $10 if it’s just for you, up to $24 if you’re sharing.

Located at 2064 Santa Fe Ave. Long Beach, 562-901-0615

Best for late-night delivery: Big E Pizza

From their perch atop the Pacific Coast Highway slope, Big E Pizza, the self-proclaimed “king of late night”, is the drunk-dial savior to the sloshed weekend house-party scene—back when those were still a thing, anyway. With delivery promised until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, consider your crusted indulgences covered. While it may not be the best pizza you’ve ever eaten, or the cheapest, it’s good. And available.

And, if the booze reserves run dry, standard selections of bottled beer and wine can be delivered until 2 a.m.

Located at 3225 E Pacific Coast Hwy C, Signal Hill, (562) 498-8788

Long Beach’s newest beer bar is a pizza heaven dedicated to the dark side